From cereal grains to corn and soybeans, CLAAS offers a wide assortment of headers to meet all of your harvesting needs. Why settle for anything less than genuine CLAAS headers?

Corn Heads

CLAAS corn heads are available in a range of sizes, from six rows to the industry’s first 16 rows, and now to the all-new 18-row option. Incorporated with a broad range of row spacing available: 20-, 22-, and 30-inch, this allows you to match your combine to your specific needs.

Powerful row units

All CLAAS corn heads feature powerful and precise cutting action from its proven parallel “knife-to-knife” stalk roll design. Feeding is gently optimized using tapered gathering chains and advanced poly snouts* to ensure that each ear is picked, keeping material build-up to a minimum.

In-cab controls manage header, feederhouse speed*, and deck plate adjustments. Every row unit is protected by an individual ratcheting slip clutch and flexible chain-coupled shafts. All row units used hardened bolt-on knives and rolled-edge deck plates for added durability.

Chopping corn heads

A successful harvest next year begins with good residue management this year. Chopping corn heads in 30-inch row spacing available from CLAAS are the 8-, 12- and 16-row models. Each row unit is fitted with three rotating blades which are driven right from the row unit gearbox, allowing for stalks to be chopped while gently picking the ear.

Narrow chopping corn heads

CLAAS now offers chopping corn heads to accommodate cornfields with narrow row spacing. The new 18-row 20-inch, 12-row 22-inch, and 12-row 20-inch row spacing are now available as chopping corn heads.

Other CLAAS Corn header standard features:

  • Gear case driven row units and auger (20" and 22" row spacing)
  • Front supported stalk rolls with adjustable, heat-treated knives
  • Gathering chain with hardened pins and poly idler sprockets for extended life
  • Durable poly snouts* for reduced friction and smooth feeding
  • Single-unit coupling system for all hydraulic and electric connections

*Depending on model and configuration

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