From cereal grains to corn and soybeans, CLAAS offers a wide assortment of headers to meet all of your harvesting needs. Why settle for anything less than genuine CLAAS headers?

MAXFLO Draper Heads

The MAXFLO is a revolution in draper head technology, providing optimal crop flow in all crop conditions without the need of a center feed belt.

Different from the usual systems.

CLAAS engineers have designed an innovative new intake system using an intake auger instead of the traditional center feed belt. Compression augers mounted laterally onto the intake auger provide a natural transition into the feederhouse. This patented new flow design results in higher efficiency for greater machine performance.

How the technology works.

  • Power is transferred to the synchronized knives via PTO shafts.
  • No bulky additional adapter required.
  • Feed drum speed can be adjusted to three settings (150, 200 and 250 rpm)
  • The speed of the draper belts can be adjusted in CEBIS via the HOTKEY.
  • The belts can be reversed from inside the cab.
  • The unique form of the center-bearing supported reel prevents the crop from wrapping.
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