JAGUAR 980-970

(Type 498)

When you need sophisticated engineering, dependable performance and outstanding results, it’s time for the new JAGUAR. With its unique overall concept, a new header drive and a wide range of corncracker rollers including patented SHREDLAGE® technology, it will help you safely bring in your harvest with up to 884 hp.

Durable and reliable. PREMIUM LINE.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497) 980-940

Now also available ex-factory.

For demanding harvesting conditions PREMIUM LINE offers specially coated and highly wear-resistant parts. The extremely long service life of these parts increases their operating hours significantly. And that saves you time and money.

  1. Feed roller wear bars
  2. Wear plate, at right and left at front of intake
  3. Wear plate, at right and left at rear of intake
  4. Drum roller stripper bar
  5. Premium line shear bar
  6. Wedge behind shear bar
  7. Wear plates, on side walls at left and right
  8. Sharpening stone
  9. Drum concave
  10. Vanes
  11. Grass chute rear wall
  12. Corncracker rollers
  13. Accelerator paddles
  14. Accelerator housing, two-part
  15. Accelerator housing, left and right sides
  16. Accelerator rear wall

ORBIS protection against wear.

Protection against wear as standard.

A. Transmission guard
B. Guide strips
C.Scrapers positioned under the cutting discs to improve operational reliability in difficult conditions

PREMIUM LINE protection against wear.

  1. PREMIUM LINE crop flow: feed drums with special hard coating. Welded interior guide strips. Exterior guide strips made from steel.
  2. PREMIUM LINE skids: additional skids as protection against wear
  3. PREMIUM LINE knife guards: additional wear elements to protect the large cutting discs and knives

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