The only choice. The new JAGUAR line-up.

More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the  JAGUAR 960-930 offers all these qualities - and in so doing represents a class in its own right.

Cab + Comfort

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

VISTA CAB comfort cab

Increased comfort is the key to better performance.

How is it that time flies by so quickly when you’re working in a JAGUAR? The reason is that the CLAAS VISTA CAB is designed for operator comfort first. Our aim is to relieve operators of all unnecessary effort and exertion that might drain their energy and concentration. A working day in the fields is long and demanding enough as it is, so if you're able to focus on what’s important, you’ll not only perform better, but also work more safely.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

Excellent visibility and lighting in the cab.

  • Extremely low noise levels for an exceptionally quiet working environment
  • Complete freedom of movement for the operator in a spacious cab
  • Excellent all-round visibility, thanks to large windows and narrow pillars
  • Superb visibility even in bad weather, thanks to the large area swept by the wipers
  • Extremely comfortable seating – there is a choice of three different seat variants: comfort operator's seat, swiveling operator's seat, deluxe operator's seat
  • Plenty of space for refreshing drinks: a cool box is located below the comfortable folding passenger seat
  • A constant temperature and a pleasant climate: the desired temperature is maintained automatically by the high-quality climate control system
  • Radio and two-way radio can be accommodated within easy reach
  • Easy and safe cab access
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

Swiveling seat available as an option.

Sitting comfortably.

As an alternative to the comfort seat the JAGUAR can be equipped with a swiveling seat. This can be pivoted to the left or right through 20° (relative to the center point of the steering column) to give the operator an even better view of the transport vehicle. Another option is the deluxe seat which helps absorb bumps and also features advanced support, ventilation and heating functions. Active climate control ensures optimum ventilation and helps evacuate perspiration without exposing the operator to harmful drafts. Additional features include the air suspension with automatic height control, a pneumatic twin lumbar support and thermostat-controlled seat heating.


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