The only choice. The new JAGUAR line-up.

More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the  JAGUAR 960-930 offers all these qualities - and in so doing represents a class in its own right.

Concentrated and precise. The silage additive systems.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

Using additives to enhance silage quality.

Applying silage additives while chopping has become a standard service offered by professional contractors. You can carry up to 99 gal (375 l) of fluid in the standard-fit additive tank which is easy to fill. The mixed additive is sprayed straight into the crop accelerator.

  • New: Tank capacity of 99 gal (375 l)
  • New: Flexible filling and cleaning facility
  • New: Dosage from 30 l/h to 400 l/h
  • New: Throughput-based dosage from 0.5 l/t to 2 l/t (up to 200 t/h)
  • New: Dosage on basis of dry matter is possible New: Riser tube for external indicationThe dosage is controlled via CEBIS. Furthermore, CEBIS informs the driver about the fill level of the tanks.
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

ACTISILER 20 for precise dosage.

There is currently a trend towards a reduced quantity and a higher concentration. The new, optional ACTISILER 20 has been designed specifically to achieve this high-precision task with a precisely dosed quantity of concentrated lactic acid bacteria solution. The control of the dosage, the record of how much you apply and the monitoring functions are all easily managed using CEBIS. CLAAS ACTISIL silage additive is DLG-approved.

  • Separate 5 gal (20 l) tank for highly concentrated lactic acid solution
  • Metering is controlled via CEBIS:

standard: 6.75 oz/h to 2 gal/h (200 ml/h to 7500 ml/h); throughput-based: 0.33 oz/t to 1 oz/t (10 ml/t to 30 ml/t), metering on basis of dry matter content possible

Both systems can also be used simultaneously.


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