The only choice. The new JAGUAR line-up.

More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the  JAGUAR 960-930 offers all these qualities - and in so doing represents a class in its own right.

The Multi-Crop Cracker – for forage quality you can be proud of.

  • NEW! Shredlage® Corn Cracker option available with 9.8" diameter rolls, a 50% differential and 110/145 tooth count.
  • NEW! Shredlage® Corn Cracker option features LorenCut®  rolls.
  • Extremely rugged design through 30% larger bearing units and new housing design
  • High degree of flexibility through cracker rollers designed for quick replacement
  • Versatile, it can be adjusted for a wide range of applications: corn, sorghum, grain
  • Very high throughput with optimum chop processing
  • Consistent, maintenance-free hydraulic belt tensioning for maximum power transmission
  • The various components can all be accessed extremely easily
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

NEW! Shredlage® Corn Cracker

The Shredlage Corn Cracker is now available as a factory-installed or after-market option for the JAGUAR forage harvester. Thanks to the unique design of the LorenCut® roller in the new cracker, properly equipped JAGUAR forage harvesters are now able to  produce Shredlage silage. The new processor rips stalks lengthwise into planks and strings effectively enhancing the fiber content, improving packing and exposing the inner cells of the plant for increased microbial activity. The corn plant is chopped significantly longer than before, but the corn kernels are still split several times. Click here for more information about Shredlage technology.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

Larger, stronger, faster.

CLAAS offers the MULTI CROP CRACKER L (MCC L). The MCC L can be adapted quickly and easily to different harvesting conditions simply by changing the rollers. The extremely rugged design ensures high-performance crop processing, even at very high throughput rates.

All CLAAS Corncracker units can be quickly fitted in place of the grass chute. During the interim period between grass and corn harvesting, the Corncracker can be stored in the machine. Roller gap adjustment is performed manually on the Corncracker or, as an option, electrohydraulically from the cab. Hard-chrome-plated rollers make for a long service life.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)


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