The only choice. The new JAGUAR line-up.

More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the  JAGUAR 960-930 offers all these qualities - and in so doing represents a class in its own right.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

Continuous precompression.

A damper in the form of a hydraulic cylinder is a new addition to the precompression process. This is designed to maintain the even distribution of precompression forces on the upper intake rollers, optimising the efficiency of the overall process. If, for instance, the forward roller is suddenly put out of alignment by an uneven crop feed (swath form), the damper counteracts the deflecting forces on the basis of its reduced oil compensation level.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)

New: Additional intake cylinder.

This intake cylinder exerts a constant tractive force throughout its travel. This acts as a precompression force directly on the rear upper precompression roller. Unlike spring-based systems, this arrangement ensures that the optimal precompression force is available in every harvesting situation. Unaffected by the crop height, this precompression maintains constant chop quality, notably when entering and leaving the crop stand. Furthermore, the crop flow to the chopping drum is more gentle and noticeably more even.

Detectors that miss nothing.

Having a powerful and robust intake is only part of the story – it's also highly sensitive to foreign objects, thanks to the built-in detectors. Now equipped with five magnets, the metal detector protects the JAGUAR against magnetic objects. The detection sensitivity can be adjusted individually, and a pinpointing indication on the CEBIS monitor makes it easier to determine where the object is located.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497)


Additional protection for the JAGUAR is offered by the STOP ROCK detector which stops the intake immediately if it detects a foreign body of a size greater than that preset by the operator. Adjustment of the preset size can be carried out in CEBIS.

The wear-free, quick brake for the intake rollers and header works efficiently even when the intake is operating at full speed, enabling the operator to work with confidence.


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