The only choice. The new JAGUAR line-up.

More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the  JAGUAR 960-930 offers all these qualities - and in so doing represents a class in its own right.

Clear and straightforward. Hydraulic and electrical systems.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497) 980-940

The hydraulics.

The hydraulic valves are clearly laid out on the left side of the machine. Proportional valves for the discharge spout and front attachment control system allow a smoother response when these systems are functioning automatically. In order to enable a consistent stubble profile, even when operating at very high ground speeds, the swivel speed of the ORBIS lateral levelling mechanism, for example, can be adjusted as required in CEBIS.

The vibration damping system is activated automatically once the headland is reached and the front attachment raised past the working height. This additional convenience feature reduces wear and tear on the machine when crossing sprayer wheelings, for example. The front attachment is protected by a correspondingly gentle suspension response.

  • Rapid implementation of function commands
  • Efficient control by proportional valves
  • Cost-effective maintenance thanks to low-volume oil system
JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497) 980-940

The electrical system.

A straightforward, convenient control concept demands a fast, reliable electrical system. In the JAGUAR, all the key components are housed securely and centrally in the cab. An expansion box in the maintenance compartment of the JAGUAR allows the easy accommodation of additional options when retrofitting:

  • NIR Sensor
  • Accelerator gap setting
  • Tire pressure regulation system

Customer benefits:

  • Electrics housed securely in cab
  • Reliable, high-quality cable connections
  • High-quality expansion box for adaptation of additional variants

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