For efficient baling.

ROLLANT is the highest-selling silage baler in the world. With leading, highly dependable technology, our systems guarantee perfect results under all conditions.

ROLLANT 350 / 340

The CLAAS STANDARD TERMINAL – flexible reactions, comfortable operation.

ROLLANT 350 / 340

In the hectic forage harvesting period, every minute counts. So it's great if you have reliable technology to assist you.

A feature of the CLAAS STANDARD TERMINAL (CST) is that you can operate the basic functions directly from the driver’s seat at the touch of a button. Select the type of tying – net wrap or twine – and set the automatic tying start function to suit your requirements. You also have the option of initiating the tying operation manually, for example if swath is left over.

A mechanical bale counter on the baler keeps you informed at all times about the machine's output. Four LEDs alert you to faults in the tying mechanism, enabling you to keep your ROLLANT running smoothly at all times.

OPERATOR -- a convenient upgrade.

With the handy OPERATOR terminal -- optional on the ROLLANT 340 -- you'll quickly be able to manage all important functions and keep your baling tasks fully under control from the comfort of the cab. Baling pressure, bale size and the left/right display are conveniently arranged within the driver's field of vision.

Task menu:

Bale diameter, baling pressure, left-right display, knife position, number of bales.

Job menu:

Up to 20 job records can be stored – details include total hours, number of bales and bales cut, plus lots of other useful information.

Settings menu:

Baling pressure, soft core diameter, bale diameter.

Information menu:

This menu displays the key rpm speeds of the balers.