The new generation.

VARIANT 480 / 465 / 460

This outstanding performer now features a reworked 360° rotor for ROTO CUT machines, better-shaped bales with the new patented CLAAS Covered and CLAAS Covered XW wrapping system, and increased user convenience, thanks to operation with EASY on board, controlled via the iPad.

CLAAS Round Balers | ROLLANT 480 / 465 / 460 Benefits:

How you benefit:

  • ROTO CUT: new 360° cutting rotor with 14 blades
  • Heavy Duty concept: reinforced chains, a special knife protection device, and an extremely robust rotor (VARIANT 465)
  • ROTO FEED: spiral rotor for uniform crop flow
  • New, patented tying features, thanks to a new guiding plate with CLAAS Covered or CLAAS Covered XW tying
  • Bale discharge within 6.00 seconds
  • Suitable for silage, hay or straw
  1. 2.10-m pick-up
  2. Pick-up featuring 16 double tines
  3. Roller crop press (optional)
  4. Double-roller crop press (optional)
  5. Oscillating pick-up guide wheels
  6. Only from CLAAS: active high-power rotor with forced bale start
  7. ROTO CUT: new 360° cutting rotor with 14 blades
  8. ROTO FEED: spiral rotor for uniform crop flow
  9. Heavy Duty concept: reinforced chains and rotor
  10. Lowerable PRO floor
  11. High drive torque with a belt speed of approx. 9.84 ft/s (3.00 m/s)
  1. Four reliable, high-strength endless belts
  2. Fast, convenient tying
  3. CLAAS Covered net-wrapping system
  4. New guiding plate for twine and net wrapping
  5. Bale density control system with active hydraulics and dual-tensioning arm
  6. Bale size and soft core diameter can be controlled from the cab (optional)
  7. Bale pressure and soft core pressure can be controlled from the cab (optional)
  8. Fast tailgate: bale discharge within 6 seconds
Specifications | VARIANT480 RF / RC465 RC460 RF / RC
Pick-up width inches (m)83" (2.10)83" (2.10)83" (2.10)
Number of knives– /1414– /14
One-piece belts444
Soft-core device, pressure and diameter adjustable
Lowerable PRO floorxStandardx
Bale diameter inches (m)35.4 - 68" (0.90–1.80 m)35.4 - 60" (0.90–1.55 m)35.4 - 60" (0.90–1.55 m)
Control terminal

● Standard ○ Optional

NEW: Patented wrapping and tying.

The completely reworked guiding plate provides even more reliable bale wrapping and tying. The plate is open during baling, then closes during wrapping or tying. The end result is an extremely reliable wrapping system.

NEW: extra-wide wrapping or tying.

The new patented CLAAS COVERED wrapping system provides bale coverage right up to the edge, and the CLAAS COVERED XW system provides coverage that extends over bale edges – for a neat, professional-looking end result.

NEW: 360° rotor for ROTO CUT and HD ROTO CUT.

The new 360° rotor, specifically designed for ROTO CUT and HD ROTO CUT, delivers consistently better-shaped bales, particularly when working with a small swath.

VARIANT drive concept.

The unique drive concept, in which the rotor gets the bale rolling, provides the perfect bale start. This makes it possible to produce significantly more bales per hour, with increased throughput in all conditions.

Hydraulically lowerable PRO cutting floor (465 RC).

The cutting floor on the VARIANT 465 RC is fitted with an early warning alarm, and adjusts automatically to the forage crop flow. In the unlikely event of a blockage, you can easily clear it from the cab.

Choice of four different operating terminals.

The machine can be fitted with four different operating systems: OPERATOR, COMMUNICATOR II, S10 steering system and, of course, EASY on board.