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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Summer 2018

Harvest is quickly approaching. Do you have the tools you need to get the job done? CLAAS is constantly updating our product lines to make your job easier. Enjoy our latest newsletter with stories about farmers like you improving their efficiency with the products we produce!

  • Technology Helps You Make Better Decisions

    As a farmer or operator, you face many decisions every day. At CLAAS, we want to be your partner and provide the technology that gives you the data you need to make the most informed, intelligent decisions possible.

    That’s why CLAAS includes TELEMATICS on all new combines, forage harvesters and tractors. With the information you can gather through TELEMATICS, you can improve logistics, make smarter decisions about seeds and fertilizers, and even have a more productive and efficient relationship with your CLAAS dealer.

    At CLAAS, we appreciate being part of your operation, and we pledge to continue bringing you technology that improves the way you farm.

    Best regards,

    Bob Armstrong, Editorial Director


    Meet the New CLAAS Marketing Specialist

    Kiley Broad likes working closely with customers. He enjoys the personal experience of talking with people and understanding what they need. Which is why he recently joined the CLAAS marketing team, where he’ll put that interaction to good use with his responsibility of managing farm shows around the US and Canada, with his first in June.

    “I’m looking forward to talking with customers,” says Broad. “I came from a company that was pretty far removed from its customer base. I appreciate that CLAAS is smaller and closer to customers, with a more personal approach.”

    Broad, a graduate of Butler University with a degree in international business and marketing, will also guide dealers on their instore branding.

    “We want to apply the CLAAS branding strategy to our entire dealer network,” he explains. “We’re all one team, so we need to ensure we appear that way to all.”

    Broad appreciates the teamwork at CLAAS. “The entire marketing product team I’m training with is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my questions.”

    Broad had high expectations for CLAAS. But then again, this isn’t his first experience with them.

    “CLAAS is every bit of a family-owned company,” Broad says. “That was evident when I worked for them back in high school.”

    Broad grew up in Columbus, Indiana. His father Doug worked for CLAAS as a service manager for about a year and a half, until the company moved to Omaha. Kiley himself worked in the warehouse as a sophomore in high school.

    “My dad and I both had a fantastic experience with CLAAS before,” he says. “I’ve only been back with CLAAS for a couple of months, but I’m really happy to be here and I’m excited for the opportunity to work directly with our dealers and customers.

  • MAX CUT: The Superior, Safer Cutterbar

    When it comes to cutting crops, you want a clean cut, easy maintenance and top-notch safety. The MAX CUT cutterbar for DISCO mowers provides that superior cut, and it’s built to last. Even with these benefits, all MAX CUT cutterbars on 2018 DISCO mowers now come with a three-year warranty.

    MAX CUT is the industry’s most advanced cutterbar, with a wave-shaped design that’s stamped from a single piece of steel for maximum strength. It gives operators the benefits of both satellite and in-line mower bars.

    The MAX CUT knife speed also gives the operator the option to save fuel in lighter conditions by adjusting the drive train to run at 850 rpm instead of 1,000 rpm – an excellent option for second or third cut crops.

    This cutterbar features a new and improved design that delivers smooth operation and long wear. Because the MAX CUT bar is assembled with screws, not welds, it’s extremely stable and maintenance friendly.

    If you do run into obstacles, the larger SAFETY LINK module will protect your MAX CUT cutterbar from damage. The new bed structure provides more design space, making it easier to replace, and the specially sealed double groove ball bearing ensures maximum service life.

  • Customers Around the World Love JAGUAR Forage Harvesters

    There’s a reason the JAGUAR is the world’s most popular forage harvester. Actually, there are many reasons. Customers from California to China are putting their JAGUAR forage harvesters to the test, and the machines are passing with flying colors. See the full video story on each of these customers at

    Giving Dairy Cows Proper Nutrition

    Peters Dairy Farm Inc. | Auburn, New York, USA

    The Peters Dairy Farm was founded in 1951, and they’ve been running CLAAS machines – including mowers, rakes and choppers – for about 18 years. They are currently on their sixth JAGUAR chopper, a JAGUAR 980. They use it to harvest a thousand acres of alfalfa four times per year and 1,400 acres of silage corn which they use to feed their 1,200 cows.

    Don Peters, Farm Manager at Peters Dairy Farm, says they use a SHREDLAGE cutting length of 21 mm for the ideal feed. “The CLAAS JAGUAR processor does an excellent job processing corn and yet doesn’t destroy the fiber,” he says.

    Peters appreciates many of the upgrades of the JAGUAR 980. “Horsepower, you can’t beat the horsepower,” he says. “The variable speed drive, that’s been a nice addition to the chopper. The dual wheels in wet conditions definitely hold up better.”

    “It’s a beast. There’s no doubt, it’s a beast!”

    Kanghong Dairy Industry Co. Ltd. | Dezhou, China

    The milk industry in China is taking off quickly, so when Kanghong Dairy was founded in 2014, they also grew very quickly. They already milk 10,000 cows and grow 593 acres (240 hectares) of corn and 1,087 acres (440 ha) of alfalfa. They also contract the harvesting of an additional 5,436 acres (2,200 ha) of corn every year to supplement their own crop.

    Silage Harvest Operation Manager Gao Zhendong says quality is key in their silage. “In addition to the forage harvesters we own we rent 10 more. The shorter the harvest time, the better the quality of the silage. To ensure the best quality, we make sure that our contractors also use CLAAS JAGUAR harvesters. With the MULTI CROP CRACKER, the JAGUAR makes the most digestible forage.”

    General Manager Kegi Jiang agrees, “CLAAS machines help us a lot. Our aim is to improve the milk quality constantly and to export Chinese milk to the international market. For us as milk producers, good milk quality comes from good silage. The CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters are the beginning of the production chain."

    Covering Lots Of Ground With Quality Custom Harvesting

    S.a.r.l. Dubois et Fils (Dubois and Sons) | La Croix-Avranchin, France

    Contractor Dubois and Sons harvests in a 10 mile (15 km) radius, cutting grass, silage corn, grain corn and cereals. They currently use three JAGUAR machines, one 960 and two 950s.

    “In my mind, the new JAGUAR is a technical innovation,” says Jean-Marie Dubois, contractor. “We were more than impressed, right from the start. New features, such as the variable front attachment drive improved the chop quality. And the drum concave adjusts automatically as soon as the shear bar is set. We really like these aspects of the new series.”

    Some of those features include AUTO FILL and AUTO CONTOUR, which has proven invaluable to Dubois.

    “AUTO CONTOUR for the corn headers is essential in our region. The terrain here is very uneven, and we always try to cut as close to the ground as possible,” he explains.

    Agromeccanica Assanelli | Treviglio, Italy

    Agromeccanica Assanelli is a custom harvester that covers a 31 mile (50 km) operating radius using exclusively CLAAS machines, including two harvesters and six tractors. They custom chop for biogas plants, which can take a toll on harvesters. That’s why they upgraded to the new JAGUAR 980.

    “It makes a difference if we set chop length to 15 mm or 4 mm,” says Massimo Assanelli, who runs the business with his brother. “With this JAGUAR 980 and its 36 knives, we have no problems at all in this area. The productivity is excellent.”

    The operators make good use of all the new benefits of their JAGUAR 980.

    “The new variable front attachment drive and especially the changes to the crop flow area make it distinctive,” Assanelli says. “The corn header has undergone detailed improvement. It even works on dirty, tangled corn and weeds. One very efficient feature is DYNAMIC POWER, which reduces fuel consumption. This forage harvester with its new technical features has really proven its worth.”


    A Simple TELEMATICS Registration or Renewal can Maximize Performance

    In the last few years, TELEMATICS has taken CLAAS combines, forage harvesters and tractors to a whole new level. TELEMATICS is a precision farming tool that offers operators the ability to quickly and intuitively view machine data on the web or a mobile app, giving them the power to optimize uptime and manage machine performance.

    While the technology to make all this possible is complex, using it is simple – and registering or renewing a TELEMATICS license is as easy as ordering a part.

    First-time Registration

    After a machine is delivered to the grower, their dealer notifies CLAAS, who sends a TELEMATICS welcome kit by mail. The kit includes a brochure explaining all the features and benefits, along with the three easy steps to register their machine and start using TELEMATICS.

    “Our process is for security purposes,” says Bob Armstrong, Product Manager – Sales. “The registration code is specific to a grower’s machine to create their account, so we want to make sure it goes to the right place.”

    Armstrong notes the QR Code that is also included in the welcome kit leads to simple instructional videos.

    “The operator just has to scan the QR code to see how to register their TELEMATICS license,” says Armstrong. “There is an operational tips video for adding additional machines for multi-unit customers, too.”

    Renewing a License

    TELEMATICS has been standard on all machines since 2016, and all 2018 models of forage harvesters, combines and tractors were equipped with a free one-year license to use TELEMATICS Professional.

    “Growers can subscribe or renew their licenses any time during their first year of using TELEMATICS. All they have to do is contact their dealer and order the part number for the TELEMATICS level of their choice. CLAAS applies it and sends an invoice, just as we’d do with any part number.”

    Once the dealer orders the renewal license, it’s automatically applied to the machine within 24 hours.

    “There are no codes or registrations for renewals, so the customer can continue to log into their account from the initial license and keep experiencing all the TELEMATICS benefits at the license level they have purchased,” Armstrong explains.

    Choose from Three Levels of TELEMATICS

    TELEMATICS Professional provides the highest level of information, containing all possible data for farmers who want to use their machines to their fullest capacity, including high-level analysis to optimize the machine or fleet deployments. Professional also allows operators to customize their analysis, so they can determine exactly how to maximize their machines.

    TELEMATICS Advanced is the second level of license for growers who still want comprehensive functions for monitoring and customization, with the ability to pinpoint inefficiencies and access performance parameters.

    TELEMATICS Basic is the entry-level offering. It provides growers with timely overviews of key machine information, such as field position and operating status, along with remote diagnostics for quicker service.

  • Operators Can Get More out of Balers with Crop Packaging Products from CLAAS

    Using the right crop packaging products can optimize the performance of your CLAAS baler, saving you time, money and hassle. CLAAS offers net, twine and film that is continuously field tested for ultimate cost efficiency and operating safety.

    “CLAAS balers work best with our OEM netwrap,” says Region Parts Manager Josh Lynch. “They can run at optimum performance with the packaging products that are meant to be used with them.”

    More Options Available

    One advantage for many operators is the option to use longer lengths of twine and net wrap. With longer lengths, operators can save time by changing rolls less.

    “Our ROLLATEX Pro bale net, for example, is only three to four pounds more for a longer roll, and it can save a lot of time,” says Lynch. “It comes down to cost per bale, not the price per roll of net, twine or film.”

    ROLLATEX also comes in XW for the new VARIANT baler. It has a width of 51 inches, ensuring wrapping over the edges of the bale for better protection against moisture.

    The knot strength and firmness of the twine CLAAS offers can match the superior bale density that CLAAS machines produce. Operators can capitalize on their machine’s capabilities, knowing their twine won’t break under pressure. Plus, the new XL version allows for larger bale sizes.

    CLAAS also offers strong, quality silage film called SUNFILM to prolong the life of bales with outstanding quality.

    To find out more about how CLAAS crop packaging products can help your operation, and to learn about seasonal pricing options, contact your CLAAS dealer.

  • Missouri Farmer Improves Efficiency with LEXION Combines

    Tommy Lawfield farms about 8,000 acres of land in New Madrid county in Southeast Missouri growing corn, soybeans, rice, cotton and some wheat. He’s been farming since he was a boy and started on his own in 1972.

    The variety of crops requires a lot of equipment and labor, which has presented some challenges for Lawfield.

    “We had a couple of John Deere combines, we were growing 1,500 or 1,600 acres of rice and didn’t have enough labor to do what we needed to do,” says Lawfield. “We were having some issues with one of our Deeres and decided to trade the two of them for one LEXION 595. I run the combine, and I was able to do everything with one LEXION that I’d been doing with two Deeres, which was a plus, big time.”

    Upgrading for Varying Conditions

    Since he started with that first LEXION 595, Lawfield has rented more ground and upgraded combines several times. Today, he runs two LEXION 760 combines. Because he now grows 2,000 acres of rice every year, he chose the CLAAS TERRA TRAC option on his combines for lower compaction and better traction in the varying soil conditions.

    “They barely make a track in the ground, even when it’s wet,” he explains. “It doesn’t cut the ground up, so we don't have to fix it the next year.”

    He adds that the TERRA TRAC is smooth on dry ground as well. “Normally, when you run rice and cane tires on dry ground, there’s vibration all over. With the LEXION, it still runs smooth.”

    That smooth ride, combined with the comfortable cab and easy operation, can make a day in the field very relaxing.

    “It’s very comfortable. It’s tough to stay awake, actually!” he says. “Well, with self-guidance on it, it’s so good that I don’t have to touch the steering wheel until we come to the end. I keep one hand on the hydrostat and another hand on a cold soda. If there are any problems, it’ll tell you right away.”

    Simple Operation and a Bigger Return

    Lawfield appreciates how simply and cleanly his combines run, and how little he’s losing out the back of his combine.

    “I see the neighbors, what’s coming out behind their machine, and what’s coming out behind mine, and it shows. And the faster you run that thing, the cleaner it’ll be,” he says. “You keep the screens loaded and the fan where it needs to be, you’re not going to overload it. You can’t get enough in there to overload it. Others don’t have the cleaning capacity of this machine.”

    Switching from crop to crop is also an easy process. Lawfield says he spends five minutes to check the oil, turn from one crop to another, press a button, and the LEXION sets itself.

    When it comes to corn, Lawfield uses a 12-row, 40-foot chopping corn head allowing him to cut the stalks as he harvests the corn.

    “It saves another trip, another man and another tractor,” he says. “It does it all at one time.”

  • FOCUS on the Big Picture

    Enter the 2019 CLAAS Photography Contest

    Take your best shot at being a part of the 2019 calendar with a photo that shows how CLAAS fits into your farm, your family and your life. Simply upload your favorite photo featuring your CLAAS machine online at or

    Entries are due by September 30, 2018. (See official rules online.)

  • CLAAS Ultimate Experience

    WIN with CLAAS!

    Enter today to win an all-inclusive VIP trip for two to Germany with CLAAS and an on-farm demo! Register online by September 30, 2018


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