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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.


CORNER TALK ONLINE -- 2014 Edition

Now get the latest news, updates, product specials, and insights into the LEXION combine.

  • A Fond CLAAS Farewell

    There’s a common expression heard throughout our company, “People Make CLAAS.”

    Few people epitomize that sentiment quite like Dr. Freye -- “Theo” to his American friends. An engineer by trade, Theo is not only a product person, he’s a “people” person. When he began his career with CLAAS in Germany in the 80’s, the company barely had a toe-hold in the North American market.

    That quickly changed in the late 90’s, when Helmut Claas needed someone to oversee the expansion project in North America. It was Theo he tasked to oversee the production of the new North American headquarters including the LEXION assembly plant. Theo not only made the move to America, he quickly assimilated the American culture. He learned the farming practices that make North America so unique, made friends in the media, served on many different charitable foundations and guided the company through very exciting and challenging times. After serving as president of CLAAS of America, he went on to be Speaker of the Board for all of CLAAS.

    This November, we celebrated Theo’s retirement in North America with two receptions. One with all of the employees in the Omaha office, and one with the friends Theo made during his time here in North America. Farmers, dealers, publishers, industry leaders, economic development officials and other pillars of the community gathered at the plant that Theo built, to wish him the very best in retirement. There were drinks and hors d’oeuvres, speeches and presents, and many, many stories about how this one person touched people's lives in a unique and significant way. Mine included.

    Theo, you will be missed.

    Bob Armstrong, Editorial Director

  • This is How We Roll!

    The CLAAS corporate gift shop is now on wheels and has set out to meet CLAAS owners and families at farm shows across the country. The trailer is packed with a large selection of merchandise for purchase, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, hats and even children’s items.

    The mobile gift shop provides a special opportunity to see, touch and purchase some of the most unique and desirable CLAAS merchandise available. In addition, CLAAS offers catalogs that showcase the entire range of wearables, gifts and models from the corporate collection in Europe as well as items specifically produced for our North American customers.

    Look for the new set of wheels pulling into farm shows in 2015!

  • LEXION LEAP Offer.

    The LEXION Early Action Program (LEAP) is our best offer of the year on new LEXION combines! Order before December 31, 2014 and receive:

    $10,000 Off . . . Your 1st and 2nd Annual Payments when you finance your combine through CLAAS Financial Services*


    A FREE Factory-Installed Ag Leader Precision Farming System with Geo Steer & Mapping*

    *©2014 CLAAS of America Inc. LEXION is a registered trademark of CLAAS KGaA mbH. Offers apply only to new LEXION combine harvesters purchased in the US or Canada. Offer begins July 1, 2014 and ends December 31, 2014. 1. Financing offer in lieu of cash discounts and subject to credit approval from CLAAS Financial Services. Offers cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Equipment must be financed at least 36 months through CLAAS Financial Services or early settlement penalties will apply. 2. Free Ag Leader Precision Farming System with Geo Steer and Mapping Offer applies only to factory-installed systems. The two LEAP offers may not be combined. See participating dealer for details. Product and specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Specialty Crops Create Harvesting Challenges

    Six hundred acres may not seem like a very large farming operation, but when it comes to harvesting specialty seeds like flowers and vegetables, it’s plenty big.

    Stanley Klopfenstein grew up on his family farm in the Willamette Valley, not far from Salem, Oregon, and he’s been farming his entire life. What’s different about his operation is that he doesn’t grow your typical crops. He propagates grass seed, vegetable seeds and 20 varieties of flower seeds – from coreopsis to alyssum – all harvested with his LEXION 670.

    “I had a different brand of combine, which broke down two years in a row,” says Klopfenstein. “I borrowed a LEXION for a couple of days at the end of the season, and ended up purchasing a refurbished one.”

    “Then, this past summer, I got a really great trade-in deal on a new LEXION 670, so I went for it. I visited the CLAAS factory in Germany and was certainly impressed with the way LEXION combines are built. My salesman, Gregg Russell at Peterson CAT, is a great guy and makes the difference, too.”

    Klopfenstein got his new combine just days before he started harvesting in July, so his learning curve was short to ramp up his harvest fast. “I really just needed to figure out how to set the combine for each of my specialty crops,” Klopfenstein says. “That’s always a challenge, so I got the extra help I needed from CLAAS.”

    Harvesting flower seeds isn’t quite like harvesting anything else. Many are planted in windrows. Klopfenstein says they lay paper out between those windrows and wet it. The seeds drop on the paper, and when it’s dry, they combine the seeds along with the paper.

    “We can do that with the LEXION 670, which is great, but that’s just one use for our combine. We also harvest lots of grass seed, and we plan to harvest vegetable seeds as we expand that business, and wheat when we rotate it in,” Klopfenstein explains. “We didn’t grow wheat this year, and we only had five acres of vegetables, so I didn’t use the combine for it.”

    Klopfenstein sees a bigger role for vegetables, grass and more permanent crops in the future. “With flowers, there’s a lot of speculation, and that’s pretty tough. There’s a lot of hand labor involved, so we’re getting into more reliable crops.”

    Even as his crops change, Klopfenstein says he will keep harvesting with his LEXION. “There’s one thing I know better than how to harvest specialty crops. I don’t need any other combine.”

  • Big Gains for Small Grains

    “I estimate that I’ve saved $20,000 in losses with my LEXION combine and CEMOS AUTOMATIC and CRUISE PILOT. It doesn’t throw the light canola seed over the truck, and I can go about 1.8 times faster per day than I could with my Deere machine. It’s incredible how much I can put through my LEXION.”

    – Calvin Lunseth

    “Anyone who purchases a new 700 combine without both CEMOS AUTOMATIC and CRUISE PILOT is making a big mistake. They’re giving up on maximizing efficiency.”

    – Gunter Jochum

    “I’m not too computer savvy, but these options worked right out of the box. If it wasn’t easy, I wouldn’t take the time to learn it. I just messed with it for an hour or so, and that was it.”

    – Kenny Stewart

    “I checked it a lot the first day I had it, but since then I pretty much just trust it. I have way more confidence in my other combine drivers now.”

    – Jon Kaupp


    Faster. More efficient. Less fatigue. Better quality. Higher throughput. Those are just a few of the reasons growers love their LEXION combines equipped with CEMOS AUTOMATIC and CRUISE PILOT

    With over 50 settings fro the reel to the chopper influencing your harvest result, the operator has to have the keen ability to continually monitor and assess multiple variables to maximize efficiency. That’s where CEMOS AUTOMATIC gains ground with growers.

    As an option for small grains, such as wheat, canola and barley, CEMOS AUTOMATIC serves as a reliable advisor, optimizing machine output. The operator spends a short time entering the settings and CEMOS AUTOMATIC takes it from there. It’s self-adjusting, making changes in residual grain separation and cleaning. These adjustments may be incremental or quite sizable, made every few minutes or only a few times a day, depending on the settings and conditions of the field at any given time.

    With CEMOS AUTOMATIC, the LEXION combine can deliver maximum throughput, without sacrificing grain quality. As Southern Alberta grower Calvin Lunseth puts it, CEMOS AUTOMATIC is “awesome.”

    “For all my grains, it has been amazing, and this was a drought year for us, so we had some pretty tough conditions,” Lunseth says. “Both the cleaning and separation were great. I got a nice clean sample for canola.”

    “Canola is a light seed, so it’s easy to throw it over,” says Lunseth, “but I had barely any losses, and there is nothing growing in my fields after the harvest, especially compared to the neighbors. It’s unbelievable.”

    The operator can choose from four optimization strategies on CEMOS AUTOMATIC: Maximum throughput, minimal fuel consumption, high grain quality or optimum balance. The settings are very easy to use, and there’s no guesswork involved during the harvesting day.

    “It’s like a good old hired hand, someone whose been working with me on the farm for years,” says Alberta farmer Kenny Stewart. “I can tell it what I want, and it’s done. You just have to trust it to do its thing.”

    Saskatchewan farmer Gunter Jochum has two LEXION 780 TERRA TRAC combines – one with CEMOS AUTOMATIC and one without.

    “There was quite a difference between the two,” he says. “For example, one day we were out combining in a field of tough wheat, and we had some drizzle. CEMOS made adjustments about five times per half hour, and I could travel a half-mile to a mile faster than the other machine.”

    “We’re getting CEMOS AUTOMATIC on our other combine next year.”

    Both of Jochum’s LEXION 780 combines already have the CRUISE PILOT option, which controls harvesting speed. The operator can set preferences for constant speed, throughput or throughput with losses. The driver can also set a maximum speed and control response at five levels, and CRUISE PILOT will anticipate peak system loads before they occur. This keeps the combine running at the upper limit of productivity.

    “If I was in control, I never would have pushed the combine as hard as CRUISE PILOT did this year,” says Jochum. “It works 100 percent of the time, with the combine working at near peak performance all day long, and we never had any clogging.”

    CRUISE PILOT also helps with driver fatigue or distractions. “I was trying to beat the rain one night,” says Stewart, “and I was really stressed. I turned on CRUISE PILOT to slow things down and we got it done.”

    “On the other hand, on really nice days I tend to slow down,” Stewart laughs, “so CRUISE PILOT speeds me up. It gets the most out of a driver in any conditions.”

  • "Dominating" the Domestics After All These Years

    Markus Dammermann always wanted to be a farmer. It took a transatlantic relocation and the help of an old CLAAS classic to finally make it happen.

    “Growing up in Germany, if your family didn’t own a farm, it was very difficult to become a farmer,” Markus, CLAAS of America Sales Operation Manager, says. “Not that it’s easy in America. But it is possible.”

    After 13 years as an employee at CLAAS corporate headquarters in Germany, Markus had a chance in 1997 to relocate to CLAAS of America in Omaha, Nebraska. He jumped at the career opportunity, but his agricultural aspirations played at least a small role in the decision to come to the United States.

    In 2008, his dreams became a reality, and Markus began sowing his own seeds as a part-time soybean farmer. He did most of the work on his 18-acres by himself, but enlisted local farmers to help with the harvest. It was farming, for sure, but something was lacking.

    “To be a real farmer, you have to have your own equipment,” he says. “And I wanted to feel like a real farmer.”

    Though his operation wasn’t big enough to warrant a new LEXION, Markus wanted to keep it in the family. So he started scouring the used equipment websites, and in the winter of 2013, he found it: a beautiful 1986 CLAAS DOMINATOR 68 combine harvester. Perfect for his little patch of soybeans (later to become corn). There was, however, a complication. Someone had beaten Markus to it, and the seller had already promised the DOMINATOR to customers in Africa. This is where in-depth knowledge of the CLAAS network came in handy, because Markus was able to talk to a few connections, and with the help of a former CLAAS dealer, a deal was made with the buyer in Africa and Markus took his combine home to Omaha.

    The potential detour to Africa wouldn’t have been anything new in the life of this Dominator. It was one of the last four of its kind to hit American shores, and it was first sold to the Ohio State University Ag department in 1986. After years of active duty, the university sold it to a retired teacher, who eventually traded it in. The rest, well, it’s not history if it’s still going strong.

    And it is going strong. The 28-year-old combine still “works perfectly” according to Markus. He bought two heads for it; a flex head for soybeans and a four-row corn head that needed some TLC. Markus harvested soybeans in 2013, and after completing repairs to the corn head, switched over to corn in 2014. His first two harvests as a “real farmer” went off without a hitch. With all parts still readily available, normal wear-and-tear won’t be a problem, at least for the immediate future.

    Markus’s experience with his Dominator has helped him with his day-job as well. “Being a farmer has really helped me identify with CLAAS of America customers,” he says. “I can think like they think and better understand their wants and needs, because I have the same wants and needs.”

    Like the “need” to one day upgrade to a new LEXION, perhaps?

    “Maybe someday.”


    New TELEMATICS App for the Progressive Farmer

    Now CLAAS customers with TELEMATICS can use their smartphone to keep tabs on the harvester or tractor in one simple, user-friendly app. A simplified version of the powerful TELEMATICS website is now in the convenient form of a mobile app available for iOS or Android based systems as a free download. TELEMATICS customers can open the app to find current machine data, such as yield, throughput, operating status, fuel level, machine settings, alarm messages, location, and analytics tools to drive decision making. The TELEMATICS app gives farmers the information to improve efficiencies. Think EASY, think Efficient Agriculture Systems by CLAAS.


    Click here to get your Trade-Up Bonus Certificate worth up to $20,000 at your participating LEXION dealer!

    See you dealer for© 2014 CLAAS of America Inc. Offer begins October 31, 2014 and ends December 31, 2014 and applies only to current combine owners of model year combines previous to and including the 2012 model year in US and Canada. Coupon valid and must be presented to an authorized LEXION dealer prior to sales agreement with the cited dealer on the certificate. Coupon cannot be retroactively applied to a retail sale and is not good for an upgrade to a new LEXION combine. Coupon is for model year upgrade subject to dealer verification. Coupon value will be deducted from Dealer Selling Price (no direct payment issued from manufacturer to purchaser). Trade-Up Bonus Certificate non-transferrable and does not require CLAAS Financial Services Financing. This offer may be used in combination with the Used LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned finance offer including a sysCARE Protection Plan and financed through CLAAS Financial Services. See participating dealer for details. Product and specifications subject to change without notice.

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