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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Harvest Times -- Grain Harvest Edition

Summer 2016

Harvest season is just around the corner! Before it gets here, be sure to read up on the last stories about CLAAS and the powerful LEXION combines we assemble in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Happy Birthday, Helmut Claas!

    In the 103-year history of CLAAS, there have only been three company presidents. August Class, who founded the company along with his brothers. Helmut Claas, his son. And most recently, Helmut’s daughter, Cathrina Claas-Mühlhauser. Helmut has been an integral part of the company for nearly 60 years, growing it from a Western European manufacturer into one of the leading agricultural equipment producers in the world. In fact, to this day, he continues to have an active role in the management of the family business his father once started.

    In July, Helmut turned 90. And while most people his age have long since retired, Helmut continues to do what he loves. His vision, dedication and passion for the company and the noble profession it represents are an inspiration to us all.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Claas! Here’s to many more.

    Bob Armstrong,
    Editorial Director

  • Enter to Win the Ultimate CLAAS Experience

    Be one of five winners! Register now to win an all-inclusive trip for two to Germany, plus a personal experience with the CLAAS product of your choice on your farm!

    Trip includes:

    • 6-days and 5-nights vacation for two
    • Tours of the CLAAS factory and headquarters
    • Hotel and Airfare
    • Sightseeing and Transportation
    • Food and Beverage

    After all the hard work that’s been put in the field, what better way to unwind than an ‘everything’s included’ vacation! Why Germany? Aside from its beautiful scenery, incredible architecture, lively festivals, exciting nightlife, delicious food experiences, it’s also the location of the CLAAS headquarters, which you will have the opportunity to tour up close and personal with your CLAAS guide!

    Other sites you’ll get to explore include the Cologne Cathedral, an ancient castle, multiple cultural attractions and the cobblestone streets of German villages.

    Upon return, you’ll receive an extensive product demo of your choice. A CLAAS dealer will conduct an in-depth demonstration of the product at your location, working specifically with your schedule and will follow up and handle machine return

    Adventure is calling! Enter today!

    Registration Deadline: September 30, 2016

  • Trading “GREEN” for Greenbacks

    Dale Dirksen used to see green and only green. For a farm like his 2,500 acres in western Ohio, “green” or “red” are often the only two colors being considered. Farmers who don’t have huge fields to harvest often overlook the yellow and black of a LEXION combine, known primarily for its high capacity on more expansive farms.

    Dale, with a little help from his salesman at Ohio Ag Equipment, decided that this conventional wisdom could be costing him money. So five years ago, he switched from a certain shade of green and tried a LEXION combine.

    In all likelihood, Dale has left green behind for good.

    “If something is going to save me money, I’ll try it,” Dale says. “My combine was showing its age, and my Ohio Ag salesman, Steve, showed me that the money and time I’d save by trying a LEXION would more than make up for extra upfront costs. Ohio Ag has always treated me right, so I tried it out.”

    Five years later, Dale is on his third new LEXION, a 740TT. When asked where he’s seen the biggest difference over his old brand, Dale can’t pinpoint just one. He’ll talk about soil compaction; the tracks on his LEXION make a huge difference on how his crops come up, and he’s noticed better yields because of it. He’ll talk about technology; the CRUISE PILOT feature makes it easy to use the machine to capacity without overload, and possibly even more importantly, the auto-steer feature leaves him mentally fresh at the end of a long day in the cab, so he’s able to get even more work done.

    But the most important thing on the farm is yield and quality, and Dale raves about both. “It goes in the front and doesn’t come out the back,” he says. “That’s the most notable difference. Before, I’d harvest wheat and it would look like I’d reseeded the field! Now, you can hardly find anything on the ground. And with corn, it’s even better.”

    When it comes to quality, Dale doesn’t have to speak for himself. The local feed mill does that for him. Often, the mill calls Dale when it needs a quality product. “When it comes down to it, there are no fines in my corn,” he says. “It’s so gentle on the corn. My LEXION could easily do seed beans.”

    The service from his local Ohio Ag Equipment dealer in Washington Court House supplements the fact that his CLAAS machine helps him provide better product in a more efficient way. On the off chance that he needs a part for his LEXION combine, Dale rarely has to make the two-hour journey, because his salesman keeps parts at his house, a mere 15 minutes away. Little touches like this can make all the difference to a Midwest farmer. “Their service,” Dale says, “is something else. "It makes my life easier.”

    It all adds up to this: LEXION will have you seeing a different kind of green.

    “It might cost a little extra at first,” Dale says. “But it’s making you more grain. And in the end, that’s what matters most.”

  • The LEXION 780 Wins Excellence In Equipment

    Outstanding Performance In Technology & Design

    It’s true that the LEXION 780 is tough to beat and now it’s proven as it triumphs as an award winner in the Diesel Progress Excellence in Equipment Awards.

    The awards are designed to recognize superior engineering in real-world machines and equipment based on design and technical functionality.

    The newly added category of “agricultural equipment” was added this year and voted on by over 23,000 readers of “Diesel Progress North America” and “Diesel Progress International” choosing the best products, technologies and innovations across twelve categories.

    This is a huge accolade for any agricultural machinery manufacturer, and LEXION is proud to be recognized as an industry innovator.


    TELEMATICS: Device Upgrade

    Just because you have a LEXION with a couple years on it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the benefits of the digital age in farming with the industry leading TELEMATICS solution from CLAAS.

    Upgrade and get connected to the largest network in the US. If you have a model year 2010-2015 LEXION, you can take advantage of this special offer. CLAAS is offering a limited time 72% discount on the retrofit price of TELEMATICS CLAAS Communication Module II CDMA.

    “There has been a lot of interest among our current owners with preexisting machines since CLAAS introduced the new

    TELEMATICS module” said Brandon Olstad Platform Manager for EASY Technology. He continued, “So we thought, why not give our loyal customers an opportunity to upgrade their equipment with the latest tech.” The upgrade is a plug-n-go solution to achieve the goal of machine connectivity enabling farmers to stay on top of the changing digital landscape in agriculture.

    Head to your local CLAAS dealer’s parts counter and tell them you want the TELEMATICS Upgrade.

    *Requires purchase of TELEMATICS license. Offer valid through March 31, 2017.

  • 2016 Upcoming Farm Shows

    8/30 – 9/1Farm Progress ShowBoone, IA
    9/13 – 9/15 Husker Harvest DaysGrand Island, NE
    9/20 – 9/22 Farm Science ReviewLondon, OH

  • CLAAS Dealer-Manufacturer Relations As Good As Gold

    The CLAAS product line has proven itself time and time again through top-ranking performance, but just one more attribute that puts CLAAS ahead of the rest: Their unwavering relationship with their dealers.

    Recently, CLAAS of America was awarded Gold Level Recognition in the Equipment Dealers Association’s (EDA) 2016 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey Report. In this 2,300-participant survey, the EDA asked dealers to rate manufacturer lines based on 12 criteria related to operations and support. CLAAS came in with the highest available rating, achieving Gold Level Recognition in the “Shortline Manufacturer” category.

    “We’re very honored to receive this recognition,” stated Eric Raby, CLAAS of America President & General Manager – Sales. “Certainly our products and processes put us in a very positive position in the marketplace, but we place a priority on building close relationships with dealers. The positive feedback received for this recognition indicates that we are delivering value to our distribution.”

    CLAAS knows the importance of its distribution network, and this award proves that the value they place in their dealers is worth its weight in gold.

  • Wear Parts. When and Where You Need Them.

    It’s often said that there are two types of forecasts, lucky and wrong. So whether you’re trying to decide if the weather will hold long enough for you get into the field tomorrow or whether you will need to change that failing part on your harvester before the end of the season, uncertainty is always part of the equation.

    The CLAAS On-Your-Farm Parts program allows you to hedge your bets on parts availability, increase your uptime and save a few dollars.

    Can’t take a time-out to drive twenty-five miles to the nearest CLAAS dealer today for that replacement air filter you need? Just visit your CLAAS On-Your-Farm parts cache conveniently located in your shed.

    Need a new belt for your combine, but its Sunday and the dealership is closed? Grab what you need right out of your CLAAS On-Your-Farm box and have them installed before lunch.

    Is your dealer running short of that sensor that just failed? Guess what? You ordered one two months ago and it’s sitting in your shop right now. Let’s install it and get back into the field.

    The CLAAS On-Your-Farm Parts program is easy. There is no consignment inventory. There is no predetermined list of parts and consumables that you have to buy like with some other copycat programs. Just contact your CLAAS dealer and tell them what parts you think you might need to cover the season. They’ll place the order with CLAAS and deliver to the dealership or directly to your farm. You pay after the season with approved credit through your dealer.

    CLAAS On-Your-Farm Parts
    Buy before the season. Pay after the season. It’s that simple.

  • LEXION Lease Returns Available!

    Your search for a quality combine that holds its value ends with the purchase of a LEXION lease return. Get LEXION reliability and durability that lasts well beyond the life of a lease. See what’s on your dealer’s lot today; or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call Allen Miller and we’ll locate what fits best for you.

    CFS LEXION Lease Returns undergo a rigorous 250-point inspection to become CLAAS Field Ready. They are backed with a one-year xtraCARE protection plan. Ask for details.

    Allen Miller

    North American Remarketing Manager


  • Fans of a Different Kind

    CLAAS Hosts Mid-America Pine Wood Derby

    For the third consecutive year, CLAAS hosted the annual Mid-America Pine Wood Derby. Over 600 cars representing 34 States, with 800+ Cub Scouts, parents, grandparents and Pro Racers attended the fanfare at CLAAS North American headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

    “To be able to support the Scouts in a program that exudes their dedication and tenacity, truly warms our hearts,” stated Mark Oehmke, CLAAS Vice President of Sales and Program Committee Chair of the Mid-America Council. “It takes programs like these to add the fervor in these young men as they showcase their skills to their peers, family and corporate members.”

Spring 2016

Harvest season will be here before you know it. Find the latest case studies and product articles on all of the latest CLAAS equipment right here!

  • Plan to Succeed. Or Plan to Fail.

    Words to live by, not only as a farmer, but also as an agricultural manufacturer. When corn is selling at more than seven dollars a bushel, it’s hard not to be successful. It’s when it’s somewhere south of four dollars, that’s when the payoff from planning comes into play.For most farmers, now’s the ideal time to plan as well. It’s time to get the harvesting equipment into the shop and get everything prepped and ready for next season. It’s time to evaluate yield results to determine what inputs you need to adjust to improve your chance for a great harvest in 2016. It’s time to assess your equipment needs and make those tough repair or replacement decisions while there’s time to do so.We encourage you to stop in and talk to your CLAAS dealer. They can help you with your preparation and planning now, so when you’re spending all your waking hours in the fields, you're prepared to succeed!


    Bob Armstrong, Editorial Director

  • True Grit

    Large-scale rice farming is hard. Literally. Due to its abrasive nature, rice is harder on equipment than most other crops. So when you’re harvesting more than 6,000 acres of sandblasting rice kernels, you need equipment that can stand up to the challenge.

    Jason Bean of Bean Farms Partnership in the “bootheel” of southeast Missouri knows as well as anyone the nature of the rice-farming business. And he knows that to get the job done efficiently, you need equipment that can handle the job. This is why Bean runs nothing but CLAAS LEXION 760s.

    “The 760 is the perfect level of power and productivity for our operation,” says Bean, who owns three 760 combines and rents a fourth for harvest season. He appreciates that CLAAS offers a full line of extended-life accessories and parts for LEXION models that have to stand up to the constant battery of the rice harvest. “We like to get three years without major downtime out of our equipment,” he says. “With other combine brands, we’d be lucky to get a year and a half before having to replace high-wear parts.”

    Double the life span of equipment is an obvious advantage, but if the production isn’t up to par, what’s the point? “The bottom line is that we get paid for quality,” Bean says. “And with CLAAS machines, we’re able to set premiums.” Separation can be challenging when harvesting rice, so precision is key. Bean points out that his LEXION combines “get the crop in the grain tank, rather than on the ground. It’s efficient engineering.”

    When you add his corn and soy acreage, Bean harvests 14,000 acres, so efficiency is critical to his success. CLAAS machines minimize unscheduled downtime and let Bean get his job done without hassle. “More efficiency means more acres,” he says. “Which means I can get out and do other work that makes a difference, too.”

    This is important to Bean, because he’s very active in the farming business community. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently appointed him to the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Authority, and in October 2015, Bean received the Governor’s Award for Agricultural Achievement, which honors outstanding farmers, growers and processors for their work with agricultural commodities and their communities. He spent 12 years on the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and served as the United Soybean Board’s production committee chair.

    “Helping young farmers get started, attaining funding for forward thinking…it’s this kind of work that will really serve the industry,” he says.

    Being more productive in the field so he can get out and help future generations be more productive in the field? CLAAS understands that kind of philosophy!

  • Building Houses and Better Relationships

    For a number of years, the skilled workers on the production line at CLAAS Omaha were focused on one thing and one thing only: Building More LEXION Combines! With North American demand at an all-time high – and market shares rising – the biggest challenge for President Maury Salz was finding the best workers in the business to keep quality and production numbers on an upward trend.

    While market shares for the LEXION combine continue to rise, the softening market has meant a slower line and some tough decisions for Salz. Unlike many of his counterparts, Salz has resisted the urge to cut a large part of the workforce. Instead, he’s used the spare time to improve his most important assets, namely the people who make the production line tick.

    “We are taking this opportunity to put more energy behind strengthening our employee base,” he explained. “We are doing more training and taking the opportunity to show our folks how our customers use the combines they build.”

    Field Trips

    One initiative that the slower build times helped facilitate was a program designed to bring the production group closer to the farmer and dealer. A select number of local LEXION combine owners were gracious enough to host CLAAS production line workers for a day on their farm during harvest in 2015.

    “We hire great technicians to produce the most efficient combines in the industry, but not all of them have an agricultural background,” said Salz. “This was an opportunity to show them how important their work is and how the little details are not lost on our customers.”

    “It’s interesting to hear some of the stories they tell from their experiences in the field. It brings a real-world perspective of what our harvesters do and why our customers love their machines. More important, they come back with a strong sense of pride in the work they do.”

    In addition to farm visits, another group of technicians were sent to work at various dealerships. “It’s one thing to know how a combine is built, but it’s another to know how it’s repaired,” said Salz. “I think the experience was mutually beneficial. Our folks passed on a better understanding of the machines to the dealer techs with their expertise in the manufacturing process, but they also gained a better understanding of the repair process as well.”

    It was a “win-win” for both CLAAS and our dealers.

    Bigger than Combines

    Another team-building initiative the production group has gone through hits a little closer to home. On two different Fridays last fall, a large portion of the production team reported to work on the other side of Omaha, in a neighborhood many rarely frequent. They weren’t there to build ag equipment as big as a house, they were there to build houses!

    “We paid our production team to participate in a Habitat for Humanity “Blitz” project to help those less fortunate,” explained Salz. “The Habitat for Humanity organization accepts all volunteers, but I think they were especially happy to work with a group of people so mechanically inclined.”

    The production crew worked alongside the owners of four different houses during their time with Habitat for Humanity, including two new builds and two renovations. There was a strong sense of pride among the production crew knowing that they were making a positive impact in their own community.

    “Our people are our most important assets here at CLAAS. By investing in them now, we hope to be even better equipped for the next uptick in the Ag market.”


    Going Further and Faster than Ever Before

    TELEMATICS is a technology that transfers all of your machine and yield data over a cellular network to the cloud where it can be compiled and viewed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone for analysis. Recently, CLAAS has developed new TELEMATICS communication devices specifically for the North American market; one solution for Canadian farmers and one solution for US farmers.

    The new communication devices allow the TELEMATICS system to gain coverage into the rural geography where farm equipment operates. In addition to the added coverage of TELEMATICS, CLAAS also employs faster network speeds through their network providers. “The new network capabilities we are deploying into the market will cover the farmer in more fields than ever before. That results in more consistent interval streaming of data back to the office or with the grower’s service advisor,” stated Brandon Olstad, CLAAS Platform Manager for EASY technology. “The responsiveness of faster network speeds is also beneficial in relation to TELEMATICS Remote Diagnostics service features.”

    The 2016 LEXION, JAGUAR and XERION product lines in North America will come equipped with a standard offering of the new TELEMATICS communication devices featuring the TELEMATICS Basic one-year license.


    Joshua Wirth | Mountainside, NJ

    “My 3 year old wants to be a LEXION 780.”

  • Pre-Harvest Specials. Buy Early and Save!

    With the 2016 harvest looming on the horizon, it’s time to pull your LEXION combine out of the shed, conduct a complete inspection, and replace any worn or damaged parts. And if you want to get the best prices on parts and service, order from your dealer now and don’t wait until the harvest.

    Very few combine and forage harvester dealers these days don’t offer some sort of winter service inspection or pre-harvest special. Most of these programs include special labor rates, discounts on parts, and free or reduced machinery pick-up and delivery if the work is performed at the dealer’s shop. Some dealers offer a waiver of the first in-season call-out fee for any machine that was inspected and repaired prior to the season and many dealers offer special financing rates on winter or pre-harvest specials, as well.

    Dealers like volume

    Does your operation own more than a single combine or forage harvester? How about tractors? If so, negotiate with your dealer to see if he can offer you any additional incentives for multiple machines. Dealers need to keep their service bays full in the off season to make sure their service techs stay productive and they will appreciate, and reward, customers who can help them do so.

    Thinking of trading?

    Whether you are thinking of trading in your combine next year or not, you should be prepared in case a trade-up opportunity presents itself. Your dealer may make you an offer on a new machine that is too good to pass up. If your trade-in has already been through the shop and is ready to go to the field, you’ll get top dollar from your dealer or your neighbor.

    Respect for your maintenance record

    It’s a fact. Manufacturers, dealers, and used combine buyers have great respect for machine owners that take good care of their machinery and are much more willing to negotiate if you’ve got a stellar maintenance record and everything is there in black and white. Even if you’re doing your own service work, it’s important that you keep good maintenance records.

    Uptime, uptime, uptime

    Need we say more? Obviously, you want your machine to be ready to go to the field the day you pull it out of the shed. Your dealer wants you to be trouble-free, too. And he will respond much more quickly and positively to your calls if he knows that your machine has been serviced prior to you pulling into the field on the first day of harvest. If you’re willing to plan ahead and be proactive you better believe that your dealer will be at your beck and call if you need assistance during the harvest.

  • Check Out the Latest Used Inventory!

    To be considered LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned, used combines undergo a rigorous 250-point inspection. They are backed by a 100-hour protection plan and come with a special care package that will make your used combine feel a bit newer.

    Program Includes:

    • 100-hour SysCARE Protection Plan
    • 250-point combine inspection
    • Full Care Package including machine accessories, tools and training DVD’s for ongoing maintenance.

    Be sure to ask your dealer about the LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned machines available on their lot!

Winter 2015

Are you looking for the latest information about LEXION combines? This all new publication will be coming out on a quarterly basis to give you the latest information on our grain harvesting equipment. It will be available in print and electronic formats.

  • New Name. New Format. Same Great Content.

    For years, CLAAS has distributed the “Corner Talk” newsletter to our LEXION combine customers each fall in essentially the same format. Starting with this latest issue, the same great content you received in Corner Talk will find its way into your home with a new name and a new format: Harvest Times – Grain Harvest Edition.

    The world, it seems, is spinning faster than ever before. Changes keep coming at an ever-increasing rate while free time to read all about it has diminished. This newsletter makeover is part of an effort to reach out to our growers more often while keeping our content in smaller, more digestible bites.

    Harvest Times or “HT” will be your source for CLAAS news – delivered in a smaller, easier-to-read format. It will also be delivered as an e-newsletter for those who would prefer to get their news on their electronic devices. And, we’re increasing the frequency of HT to a quarterly basis! By doing so, we hope to keep you up-todate with the latest news on equipment updates, on-the-farm reports, special finance offers and much more!

    Have comments about the new format? Want to read your issue electronically? Go online to our feedback form and let us know what you think!


    Bob Armstrong, Editorial Director

  • 2016 LEXION Combines: Settings Optimization and Residue Management take Center Stage

    Settings Optimization and Residue Management take Center Stage

    While few may notice subtle tweaks to the sheet metal, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts for the new 2016 LEXION models. Operator convenience and operational efficiency were the focus for the engineers who made this evolution of the LEXION combine our best yet!

    CEMOS AUTOMATIC for Corn and Soybeans

    For the last couple of years, CEMOS AUTOMATIC – coupled with CRUISE PILOT – has greatly improved harvesting ease and efficiency for small grains farmers. In 2016, corn and soybean farmers will be able to enjoy those same efficiencies.

    “CLAAS is the only combine manufacturer to offer this gamechanging technology,” said Jeff Gray, CLAAS of America Product Coordinator. “CEMOS AUTOMATIC makes operating and adjusting the settings on the LEXION combine exponentially easier – even for inexperienced operators. The system automatically senses changing harvest conditions and continuously adjusts the separation and cleaning settings on the LEXION combine to maximize performance.”

    With a push of a button, the operator can activate CEMOS AUTOMATIC. The machine then adjusts five  ey system settings automatically: rotor speed, rotor covers, fan speed and upper- and lower-sieve positions. The rotor speed and the rotor cover positions are automatically adjusted to optimizegrain separation. The fan speed and on-the-fly adjustments to maintain the cleanest grain sample.

    Operators are offered the choice of four pre-programmed optimization strategies including maximum throughput, grain cleanliness, fuel economy and a combination of all three. These different harvest strategies offer maximum flexibility for the operator along with heightened efficiency and overall reduced harvesting costs.

    “Many LEXION operators who have used CEMOS AUTOMATIC in small grains exceeded their return on investment in their very first harvest,” said Gray. “We expect our corn and soybean producers to see similar results.”

    Residue Redo

    The latest LEXION models will be available with new TURBO CHOP features as well as a new “Special Cut” chopper.

    New TURBO CHOP features include a larger diameter drum that provides more reliable and efficient use of power, real-time spread width control, hydraulic tailboard positioning and lever operated stationary knife and friction plate engagement. The TURBO CHOP will offer spreading up to 45 ft.

    The “Special Cut” chopper will be available for 2016 LEXION combines and features easy-to-use, lever operated functions like high-low speed range, stationary knives and spread width adjustment. The Special Cut chopper will spread up to 35 ft.

    To learn more about CEMOS AUTOMATIC and other Efficient Agriculture SYstems (EASY) solutions on the new LEXION visit or contact your local dealer.

  • Fewer machines. Less hassle. More efficiency. A CEMOS AUTOMATIC Test Drive

    After many years of harvesting separately, father and son Dennis and Angelo Erickson recently decided to collaborate during harvest season. So far, the two have been very happy with that decision.

    One of the first major decisions the father and son needed to make involved the purchase of harvesting equipment. Dennis, a LEXION owner, and Angelo, a “red guy”, needed to upgrade their equipment to more efficiently handle the 8,500 acres of corn and soybeans they collectively farmed. With the help of their Ziegler Ag Equipment sales representative Alan Scott, the new partners decided to trade their four older machines in for three new combines – yellow ones. This fall, Dennis and Angelo took delivery of three new LEXION 740TT combines, complete with TERRA TRAC undercarriages and a host of new features.

    So were they happy with the upgrade? “We traded four machines for three new LEXION 740s,” said Dennis Erickson, two weeks into harvest. “And I’d say at this point, we’re probably 30 percent more efficient than when we were running four combines. It just streamlines everything.”

    The bump in efficiency can be largely attributed to the new technologies on board the three machines, including CRUISE PILOT – a system that optimizes harvesting speed based on engine loads and crop volumes in the feederhouse. This technology, along with the ultra-efficient APS HYBRID threshing and separation system on the new LEXION combines, played a big part in increasing overall throughput.

    One of their machines, however, delivered even greater efficiency thanks to a new technology that will be available on LEXION combines in 2016. CEMOS AUTOMATIC, an intelligent precision farming tool that has already proven itself in small grain markets, has been upgraded to work in soybeans and corn. When purchasing their new combines, the Ericksons agreed to participate in a pre-series trial in order to test-drive the new technology.

    Working in conjunction with CRUISE PILOT, CEMOS AUTOMATIC makes operating and adjusting the settings on the LEXION combine exponentially easier – even for inexperienced operators. The system automatically senses changing harvest conditions and continuously adjusts the sieves and fans that control the separation and cleaning on the LEXION combine to maximize performance.

    “The technology offered on the new LEXION combines can make a novice or part-time operator very efficient and an experienced operator even better,” says Jeff Gray, combine product coordinator with CLAAS of America.

    “My son and I typically stop 20 to 30 times throughout the day to compare settings. We’re always tweaking and second-guessing our loss out the back,” Erickson said. “This year, our third operator was running CEMOS AUTOMATIC, and he ran all day up and down the rows. He never had to stop and question his quality or discharge.”

    After their two-week trial run with CEMOS AUTOMATIC, Erickson was sold. “I’d purchase it for sure. It’ll pay for itself without a doubt.” CEMOS AUTOMATIC isn’t the only feature that impressed the Ericksons. The father and son noticed a significant advantage when it comes to overall ease of maintenance.

    “In the past, we’d blow our air filters out every day,” Erickson said. “But here we are; we haven’t had any rain for 30 days at this point, and the dust is horrible. And we’ve been running two weeks solid and haven’t had to clean the filters yet. We inspected them, but there just wasn’t enough dirt to be an issue. I haven’t studied how they did it, but the system is genius!

    “And I’m in love with the automatic greaser. It saves us an hour to an hour and a half every morning. There just isn’t any daily greasing needed.”

    The bottom line, of course, is quality of the product, and the early results were convincing. “These CLAAS machines have greatly improved the quality of our grain, and my guess is that our lost grain will be at least 5 percent better,” Erickson said. “These machines will last a long time, but I’m sure we’ll buy more.”

  • TECH TALK: EASY Tech Tips

    EASY Tech Tips: Instructional Videos for EASY Technology Settings

    Sometimes getting the most out of your technology requires some attention to detail in the setup procedures. Fortunately, CLAAS has created two “EASY Tech Tip” videos that help you walk through the set up processes for our popular CRUISE PILOT and CEMOS AUTOMATIC technologies.

    These helpful videos provide step-bystep instructions to navigate the menu screens for CRUISE PILOT and CEMOS AUTOMATIC and provide helpful hints on how to get the most out of these technologies.

    The videos provide recommended settings based on your harvest demands. You can find both of these videos on the website on our video page:

  • CLAAS "Green"

    Last winter, the CLAAS Parts facility in Columbus, Indiana was recognized for expanding the footprint of their warehouse in order to improve their service and delivery speed. Now they are being recognized for reducing their footprint – their “environmental” footprint. CLAAS Parts was recently certified by local wood mill, Smith Creek, for their green initiative.

    As thousands of items flow in and out of the warehouse on pallets and in boxes, the packaging that can’t be used is seeing new life as part of a warehouse-wide recycling effort. Cardboard is baled and recycled. Plastic is baled and recycled. Paper, aluminum and plastic from the office are sorted and recycled. Pallets and wood packaging that can’t be re-used are sent to Smith Creek where they are shredded and receive new life as landscape mulch, animal bedding, or wood pellet fuel.

    According to Vice-President North American Parts, Roger Parker, “We are proud of this initiative and our partnership with Smith Creek. The farmers we serve are excellent stewards of the land, and it’s important that we hold ourselves to the same high standards.”


    Knuth Farms | Mead, NE

    The Knuth family decided this harvest to “Make their Own Beach” aboard their new XERION tractor.