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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

More than just power!

Canada Plays Host to Global Tractor Launch Event

The North American lineup of CLAAS tractors just got a huge boost, thanks to the first global product launch hosted outside of Germany. Watch the launch event! In a big country filled with even bigger farms, CLAAS released its biggest line of tractors yet – the XERION 12 Series – in the western province of Saskatchewan.

In addition to the launch of the brand’s biggest 4x4 tractor, a more traditional tractor line – the ARION 600 Series – was introduced to the US and Canada markets as well. 

The XERION boasts power, durability, efficiency and comfort, vaulting it to the top of the class in the high-horsepower 4x4 range. The ARION is an excellent choice for those who require a sturdy and efficient tractor capable of handling many challenging tasks. Whether looking to maximize productivity or optimize performance, CLAAS has poured every ounce of ingenuity and know-how into building a lineup that turns heads – full of clever features that help do the work for you while offering a variation of power for any application.

Unmatched Hydraulic Flow, Superior Horsepower and Exceptional Comfort: The XERION 12 Series

When the CLAAS XERION tractor lineup was first introduced in North America nearly a decade ago, its fixed-frame design, CVT transmission and quiet, comfortable cab were clear differentiators in a category filled with manually shifted, articulated alternatives. The all-new XERION 12 Series still gets its inspiration from the original 5000/4000 models, but everything about it is bigger – built to tackle the largest air seeders, tillage equipment and grain carts the industry has to offer.

The new tractors are available with an incredible 653- or 585-hp engine. That power, coupled with an industry-leading hydraulic flow rate of 140 gallons per minute, makes the XERION 12 Series the perfect tractor for today’s modern commercial farm. It also comes standard with a purpose-built continuously variable transmission (CVT) – the only one available in its horsepower range. A new, heavy-duty axle system has replaced the earlier series to handle higher horsepower and heavier loads.

When it comes to driving on the road or working in the field, producers now have the option of ordering the new XERION 12 Series with 36- or 30-inch TERRA TRAC units on all four corners. This option helps reduce ground pressure, prevent compaction, lessen vibration and increase traction. If wheels are what you prefer, 800/70 R42 duals are available with a footprint of up to 42 inches.

Finally, the capacity of the XERION 12 Series is not limited to horsepower and hydraulic flow. The capacity inside the cab is also of note, with more than 20 percent additional legroom than its previous models. Supported by a four-point suspension and a sound-dampening design for added comfort, the cab is not just a workspace, it’s a space that works.

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Versatility in a Powerful, Refined Package: The ARION 600 Series

The ARION 660, 650 and 630 multipurpose tractors are efficient and comfortable options for producers looking to handle a long list of tasks. Available in a horsepower range of 165- to 205-hp and equipped with a continuously variable CMATIC transmission, the ARION 600 Series offers superior fuel economy for mowing, tedding, raking, baling, loading, filling, tilling, cleaning, spreading, hauling and feeding – just to name a few. With a maximum transport speed of 31 mph and a lift capacity of 17,600 pounds, the ARION 600 Series is capable of making short work of many chores on the farm or ranch.

ARION also offers a four-point suspension for a smoother ride, along with a front PTO and three-point hitch. When used in conjunction with the CLAAS FL150 hydraulic self-leveling loader, the ARION can lift 7,546 pounds of material up to 15 feet high.

A highly spacious, ergonomically designed cab is available for superior operator comfort and excellent visibility. Its 12” CEBIS touchscreen display puts essential controls at the operator’s fingertips. The combination of versatility, power and comfort make the ARION the perfect all-around workhorse.

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