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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

It’s a full Showroom for the USCHI reception at CLAAS. 

Cathrina Claas Mühlhäuser and Christian Radons Speak at USCHI Event 

The US Custom Harvesters Convention is a yearly gathering of professionals who make their living in the cabs of combines and forage harvesters. Some follow the wheat harvest from Texas to Canada, harvesting fields along the way. Others are focused on forage production, cutting alfalfa and chopping silage for dairy farms within a certain radius of their operation. 

Each year, the educational event the organization hosts changes locations to keep things fresh for those who attend annually and to encourage local harvesters to attend when the Convention is in their own back yard. Last year, the event was in Amarillo, Texas. This year, for their 40th anniversary, the event was in our own backyard of Omaha, Nebraska. With so many of our customers and prospects being so close to our North American headquarters, CLAAS decided to do something special to celebrate the occasion.

One day before the Convention, CLAAS opened our facilities for a day of training, tours and an evening reception. More than 150 of our customers joined us during the day to learn more about their JAGUAR forage harvesters in an exclusive training opportunity. Others decided to take a tour of our combine production facilities, where all of the LEXION combines in North America are made.

That evening USCHI members were invited for an evening of drinks, dining and entertainment in the CLAAS showroom that evening. Nearly 350 USCHI members attended the event. Those in attendance were able to hear from CLAAS Chairwoman, Cathrina Claas Mühlhäuser, and CLAAS Group Executive Board Member, Christian Radons. 

In her comments to the crowd, Cathrina Claas Mühlhäuser spoke about her grandfather, August, who licensed his patented baler knotter design to other manufactures in order to fund the production of a combine harvester that would eventually become the machine that's at the heart of the custom harvesting business. She spoke of spending time with American producers and how they have influenced the direction of CLAAS machine production. She also thanked the dealers and producers in the room that she had a chance to meet with and learn from in her many visits to the States. At the end of the evening, the audience was entertained by comedian Greg Warren, known for his most recent comedy special “Where the Field Corn Grows.” 

The following day, the USCHI Convention opened at CHI Health Center in downtown Omaha. As a platinum sponsor, CLAAS had many opportunities to educate and interact with a record crowd of more than 1,100 attendees. CLAAS Senior Vice President for the Americas, Eric Raby, spoke at the Thursday dinner and emphasized the importance of the group's members to the business CLAAS has in North America. He emphasized the fact that it's the discussions at events like the USCHI Convention that help drive our service and support models for the betterment of custom harvesters and producers throughout the US and Canada. 

We look forward to next year's event in Oklahoma City, OK!

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