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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Meet the TRION 740 Combine and AXION 900 TERRA TRAC Tractor

CLAAS Heats Up the Summer with Two New Machines

CLAAS is pleased to introduce the latest in performance and reliability with two innovative machines. The TRION 740 is an excellent harvesting solution for many mid-sized corn and soybean farms. The AXION 900 TERRA TRAC (TT) is the first, fully suspended half-track tractor in North America, providing advanced comfort, efficiency, and traction.

Introducing the Latest CLAAS Combine – TRION 740

“The Class 7 combine market segment has long been in need of new innovation,” says Greg Frenzel, CLAAS Product Manager - Combines.

That’s why CLAAS created the Class 7 TRION 740. Built to handle a wide variety of crops, this latest model is particularly well suited for 1,000- to 3,000-acre farms that grow corn and soybeans. It brings reliability, affordability, and high performance together in the right size at the right price. The TRION 740 is designed to fit your farm!

Backed by more than five years of field testing, the TRION 740 blends tried-and-true CLAAS technology with the latest harvesting innovations for unparalleled crop flow. Built on a reliable chassis, the CLAAS TRION features long greasing intervals and extended wear parts to minimize downtime. It also keeps money in the operator’s pocket with superior fuel efficiency and active slope compensation.

To maximize threshing and separation efficiency, the TRION features individually controlled cylinder threshing and rotor separation for optimum adaptability through constantly changing field conditions.

The 402-horsepower Cummins engine produces high torque at a low RPM, easily handling 12-row chopping corn heads or draper headers up to 40 feet wide. Operators can move between fields quickly with a top road speed of 19 miles per hour and switching between soybean and corn heads takes less than five minutes.

Learn more here.

Meet the AXION 900 TT Tractor

CLAAS presents the world’s first fully suspended half-track tractor. The AXION 900 TT provides better flotation, traction, operator comfort and soil protection than its wheeled counterparts by using an advanced front-wheel, rear-track design.

Available on AXION 960 and 930 models, TERRA TRAC technology provides major advantages, including:

  • 25% less ground pressure than wheeled models
  • 15% greater traction than wheeled models
  • 20% less heat buildup for longer work durations and added track life
  • Improved ground clearance and easy implement hook-ups

The AXION 900 TT also offers exceptional ride comfort thanks to fully suspended tracks and a unique four-point cab suspension.

“We look to our customers to continuously evolve our approach to the design and innovation of new products,” says Drew Fletcher, CLAAS Product Manager - Tractors. “Through extensive testing and discovering numerous advantages with this product compared to other manufactures, this is technology we’re thrilled to bring to the market.”

“Get on the Right TRAC” with the AXION 900 TERRA TRAC. Learn more here.

See the TRION 740 and AXION 900 TT in action this summer!

  • AXION 900 TT – Ag in Motion (Saskatoon, SK) – July 19-21, 2022
  • AXION 900 TT & TRION 740 – Ag PhD Field Day (Baltic, SD) – July 28, 2022
  • AXION 900 TT & TRION 740 – Farm Progress Show (Boone, IA) – Aug 30-Sept 1, 2022
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