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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

CLAAS large tractor receives coveted international awards

CLAAS XERION Recognized with 2024 Tractor of the Year and Machine of the Year Honors

Pulling efficiency, hydraulic flow, comfort, connectivity and sustainability convinced an international jury of experts at Agritechnica, the world’s leading ag equipment trade fair, to award the new XERION 12 Series from CLAAS with two of its most important awards.

The XERION 12.650 TERRA TRAC received Tractor of the Year honors, while the entire XERION 12 Series was recognized with Farm Machine of the Year recognition in the large tractor category.

With the XERION, CLAAS has been one of the technological drivers in large tractor construction for 25 years. The XERION 12 Series, a newly developed series with engine outputs of up to 653 hp, was launched in the summer of 2023. Features include

  • Low engine speed concept 2.0, developing a maximum torque of up to 2,287 ft-lbs at 1,300 engine revolutions
  • CMATIC continuously variable transmission with a maximum speed of 25 mph
  • Low engine speed working hydraulics with flow rates of up to 140 gpm
  • Newly developed TERRA TRAC undercarriage and an unrivaled all-round view from the four-point suspension cab, which offers plenty of space to rival its toughest competitors
  • Extreme load capacity and precise steering thanks to the fixed-frame design with two steering axles.

The 50:50 weight distribution of the XERION 12 Series, with the top model XERION 12.650 TERRA TRAC, is highly suited for heavy duty pulling work in all speed ranges, whether in air seeding, tillage, deep ripping or hauling the largest grain carts.

“Despite the immense power at its disposal and its massive dimensions, the XERION is very easy to handle, thanks to the latest generation of the CMATIC continuously variable transmission with four mechanical ranges and assisted by the CEMOS learning-based assistance system and information input to optimize transmission, traction, and ballasting - with clear benefits in terms of performance and fuel consumption”, said the jury.

Highest recognition in its 25th anniversary year

“Traction efficiency has always been firmly anchored in the DNA of our tractors,” explains Dr. Martin von Hoyningen-Huene, chief technology officer, CLAAS Group, responsible for the tractors and implements division. “The XERION stands out with its all-wheel drive concept with uncompromisingly efficient and ground-friendly multi-pass traction transmission. With the XERION 12 Series, we have taken the well-known strengths valued by XERION customers from all over the world, further developed them and combined them with more than 25 years of TERRA TRAC development and production experience into a strong, convincing overall concept. The fact that the XERION, whose existence we owe personally to Helmut Claas, is now receiving the Tractor of the Year and Machine of the Year Award for the first time in its 25th year of market presence, is a great success for the entire development team.”

The XERION 12 Series includes two models, the 12.590 and the 12.650, which are produced for the global market in both TERRA TRAC and wheeled TRAC versions at the main CLAAS plant in Harsewinkel, Germany. 

State-of-the-art onboard and offboard features for digital agriculture not only allow automated steering, section control, variable rate and automatic documentation, but also the optimization of machine and process performance with CEMOS. From the end of 2024, the XERION 12 Series will be even more connected thanks to the new CLAAS connect, which will provide the basis for further development towards high automation of work processes and autonomy.