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Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

CLAAS Equipment:

Introducing the ROLLANT 520 Round Baler

Operators are going to relish the progressive nature of the all-new ROLLANT 520 round baler. Building on a 43-year history of ROLLANT success, the robust performance of this fixed-chamber baler brings together the most sought after features of its predecessor models, the ROLLANT 340 and 350. The new rugged design carries a myriad of advanced features from high ground speed pick-up to at-a-glance operator control to perfectly formed, highly compacted bales.

Machine reliability during the most critical times and quality forage processing is what you can count on from CLAAS, as it has made the ROLLANT one of the world’s top-selling silage balers.

“We are continuously improving the engineered design of the ROLLANT series to meet market demands,” stated Rob Barger, Product Manager for CLAAS. “Better forage quality and less time and money spent per acre are the benchmarks of success with the ROLLANT 520 model. Not only does the new generation baler boast a distinctive exterior design, but it’s what’s inside that counts.”

Features designed to increase efficiency and reduce time in the field:

High capacity pick-up

The 83” wide spring-supported pickup platform provides perfect ground following capabilities and high throughput in all conditions. With a rotation speed of 122 rpm, 16 double-tines on each tine bar, and four tine bars with a U-shaped profile for simple forage discharge and ejection of foreign objects, ensures tine life, and durability as it’s less susceptible to breakages.

Reinforced rollers

The structure is solid and built to last thanks to the seamless roller sleeve. With simple construction and fewer welded parts, it mitigates downtime risk from component failure. The chamber’s reinforced construction is suited with 16 rollers, 8 with 3mm thick casing and 8 with 4 mm thick casing, producing optimal crop flow and wear-resistance for longer service life.

Intelligent chain lubricant

The automatic centralized chain lubrication is continuous and comes standard. With large oil tank capacity and its central location, it lubricates the drive chains automatically and adjusts the quantity of oil as needed. Easier maintenance means you can maximize uptime in your workday and extend the service life on wear parts.

OPERATOR terminal

Operator comfort and efficiency are evident in the new OPERATOR terminal. The large display provides an at-a-glance view of all key functions so it’s easy to configure. Activate/deactivate knives, gain daily bale count and wrapping settings.

Feeding system


The ROTO FEED offers a high-performance rotor that draws the forage in, accelerates it into the fixed chamber and ensures very high compaction. Straightforward and user-friendly.


Short forage and high baling pressure are basic requirements for energy-rich silage. With its 14 individually secured knives, the ROTO CUT cutting rotor enables 70 mm chop lengths of outstanding quality. The knives can be fitted and removed conveniently from above when the baling chamber is open.

Maximum Pressure System (MPS)

With a pivoting three-roller segment, the tailgate with the MPS option generates additional pressure and gives you perfect bale shape, higher density, and improved forage preservation.

CLAAS is the only manufacturer offering a fixed chamber baler equipped with a standard bale ramp sensor. Pair that with the long ramp ejector and bales are protected during ejection and closure of the tailgate.

The flawless design, standard features and robust performance of the new ROLLANT 520 is perfect, right down to the core. It shows how CLAAS engineered technology is putting you, generations ahead.

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