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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

CLAAS Parts:

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

With harvest season coming to an end, now is the perfect time to lay a strong foundation for harvest next year. Proper machine maintenance helps you power through harvest at maximum efficiency. And, as the world continues to weather supply chain issues, proactive maintenance and parts planning will be imperative for your farm’s success. 

“There has been varying degrees of supply chain disruption for nearly two years,” says Jeff Tilden, Vice President of Parts at CLAAS North America. “While we’ve been very fortunate that it hasn’t impacted our ability to meet growers’ needs, the future remains uncertain. Luckily, CLAAS offers two important programs designed to head off supply chain disruptions.”

CLAAS Annual Inspection Program

CLAAS delivers convenient, comprehensive equipment maintenance through our Annual Inspection Program. By scheduling an inspection during the winter months through your local CLAAS dealer, you can streamline your operation for a successful harvest season while the demand for machine service is at its lowest.

Comprehensive Machine Care Now

The CLAAS Annual Inspection Program starts with a detailed inspection of your combine, forage harvester, or header. It includes a full overview of your machine's condition as well as a list of recommendations for repairs, reconditioning and general upkeep to keep your machine running at peak performance. The CLAAS Annual Inspection not only tells you what parts need to be replaced, but also when they should be replaced, allowing you to plan ahead for the next harvest.

CLAAS service technicians are factory-trained and up-to-date on the latest technologies, updates and processes. So, no matter what CLAAS machines drive your business, our technicians can pinpoint areas to improve your farming operation.

Keep Your Fleet in the Field during Harvest

Your harvest window is limited, so you need to maximize your numbers. Scheduling an annual inspection is one of the best ways to keep your equipment operating smoothly. Regular machine maintenance protects your business investment and extends the performance of your machines while improving efficiency and crop quality. So, you spend less time waiting on parts and repairs and more time out in the field.

Reduce Part Replacements

An unexpected breakdown can quickly take a toll on your bottom line. Part replacements and repairs are costly and take time away from your harvesting window. A proactive approach to machine care will save you time and money throughout the season. With the CLAAS Annual Inspection Program, you can replace worn parts now, reducing the likelihood of waiting on last-minute parts that may be low in stock.

If your machine needs new parts, you will receive a list of recommended CLAAS ORIGINAL parts that your dealer will install at the completion of your inspection. So, you can count on swift service from your dealer to get you back out in the field.

Save 5% On CLAAS Parts

There’s no better time to get ahead on your machine’s maintenance. Right now, you can get a 5% rebate on dealer-installed CLAAS ORIGINAL parts when you schedule an annual inspection.

On Your Farm Parts Program

Scheduling an inspection and installing critical parts during the winter months in preparation for next season will play a key role in navigating potential supply chain delays. But, what about common wear parts that you can count on needing during the course of a harvest? Your CLAAS dealer can make it easy to stock up on those parts too with the On Your Farm Parts program.

Sit down with your local CLAAS dealer now and determine the wear parts you will need during the upcoming harvest season – including belts, filters, lubricants, etc. – and order them now! Those parts will be delivered to your farm in advance of harvest in a handy steel parts box you can keep on the farm. Use the parts you need and return the parts you don’t!

The CLAAS Annual Inspection and On Your Farm Parts are the perfect programs designed to prepare your farm well in advance of harvest. And the better prepared you are, the less likely you’ll encounter supply chain issues that could interfere with your harvest plans.

Contact your local CLAAS dealer to learn more.