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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

The Latest LEXION 8000 Series:

New Looks and Performance Upgrades on Our Largest Combine Line

The recent launch of the all-new, class-seven TRION 740 combine left some farmers wondering if there was anything new to see on our largest LEXION combines. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”!

Not to be outdone by the TRION, the 2023 LEXION 8000 series “wide-body” combines, on sale now, feature many updates that improve the looks and performance of our biggest machines.

cab 1500

New Cab

The same new cab offered in the TRION 740 combine, is now featured in the 2023 LEXION 8000 series. It provides greater visibility, added headroom and added legroom. On the cab’s exterior, you’ll notice a brighter lighting package, maintenance steps for easier cleaning and improved mirrors. Inside, a fully adjustable, pivoting operator seat and extra wide trainer seat improve operator comfort. Additional touches include a new steering wheel, foot pegs, dual-zone HVAC controls, a high quality sound system, more integrated storage, and thinner A-pillars for added visibility.

tank 1500

New 510 Bu Grain Tank

The latest grain tanks on the LEXION 8000 series are wider and shorter than previous models. A one-piece folding design reduces the complexity and hydraulic demand of prior 510 bu tanks. Also, a built-in walk through door makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.


New Pivoting Spout

The high capacity auger on the latest series features a pivoting spout tip to help control distribution in the auger cart. The spout is controlled by a finger trigger located on the CMOTION handle.

Increased Horsepower

All three 8000 series machines receive a significant bump in power over 2022 models:

Power Increase:




Rated HP (kW)

+23 HP (20)

+39 HP (30)

+47 HP (35)

Max HP (kW)


+39 HP (30)

+47 HP (35)


Slow-Feed Feature

Sometimes a “lighter touch” is best when managing crop slugs or accumulations in the header. Now you can engage the feederhouse slowly from the cab in order to protect drivelines and belts from high stress loads.

dynamic steering_1500


Make those turns at the end of the rows easier with the new DYNAMIC STEERING feature. Once engaged, the steering wheel requires slightly more than one full rotation (instead of five rotations) for the tightest turning radius possible.

50’ CONVIO 1530 Flex Draper

Take advantage of the latest LEXION 8000 series performance enhancements with an even wider head. The CONVIO line has now expanded to including a 50’ version, perfect for small grains and soybeans!