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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

It’s Training Season at the CLAAS Academy

Things get busy in Omaha.

Keeping in tip-top shape is paramount for CLAAS technicians. They need to keep pace with the challenges and demands to maintain and service CLAAS machinery around the clock, so the winter months are considered “peak training season” at the CLAAS Academy.

“CLAAS technicians require the knowledge and skills to be efficient and effective for their customers,” explains Felicia Nichelson, Head of CLAAS Academy. “By keeping up to date on their training, technicians save their customers time and money generating increased uptime and efficiency.

Blended training approach

Technicians have a limited timeframe for training, so CLAAS provides a blended approach.

From December through April, many technicians attend training at CLAAS Academy for a structured, hands-on experience. With class sizes limited to 12 technicians, they have plenty of time to look under the hood of the newest models of tractors, combines, and forage harvesters so they are equipped and prepared in the field. Virtual training and e-learning modules supplement the classroom training.

“We offer all levels of training qualifications, from new technicians to CLAAS Master Technicians,” explains Nichelson. “They can gain knowledge from OEM experts, but they also benefit from peer-to-peer learning and experience. Because CLAAS is a global company, we can also bring in training experts from Germany, as we’re doing this year to support tractor training.”

A center of learning…a center of excellence

The CLAAS Academy, located at the CLAAS North American headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, often hosts dealer events, internal training, customer training groups, and all-company meetings as it serves as a center of excellence for CLAAS machinery. This season, the CLAAS Academy anticipates training over 650 technicians, so they are ready for the challenges operators face in the field.

With a large market penetration in Canada, CLAAS also has a training facility in Regina, Saskatchewan, handling 25% of the training in North America. 

“We thank our dealers for saying “yes” to this kind of development,” says Nichelson. “We are grateful they utilize our training services to the fullest extent to ensure their technicians represent the excellence in service customers expect from CLAAS.”

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