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Contact John Schofield, North American Marketing Coordinator, at 402-861-1027 for more information.

News Stories

Get the latest news, product releases and relevant information about CLAAS and our harvesting products.

Contact John Schofield, North American Marketing Coordinator, at 402-861-1027 for more information.

Prestigious Award for CLAAS Products and Technologies

CLAAS Takes Seven of Fifty at AE50 Awards.

Harsewinkel/Omaha, December 20, 2023. Seven CLAAS product innovations are among this year's winners of the AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE). The award ceremony will take place in February 2024 at the ASABE Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) has honored seven CLAAS product innovations with the AE50 Award. “We are very proud to have been recognized by ASABE for several of our new products and technologies, including the XERION 12 series and the TRION 740,” explains Eric Raby, Senior Vice President Region Americas and Vice President CoA. “Our engineers are constantly working to make farmers’ work even more productive, efficient, easy and sustainable. We want to enable them to be the best in their fields, and the seven award-winning CLAAS product innovations from the areas of tractors, combine harvesters, balers and forage harvesting represent exactly this goal.

The AE50 Awards, presented by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), annually recognize the 50 most innovative new products and product innovations in North America that have significant impact on agricultural, food and biological systems. Of the numerous submissions in 2023, seven CLAAS submissions were recognized among the top 50 for their innovation, significant technical advances and market impact.

These are this year's seven CLAAS winners: the AE50:

XERION 12 series

With the XERION, CLAAS has been one of the global technological drivers in the large tractor industry for 25 years. After six years of design and development work, more than 10,000 hours of testing in five countries and hundreds of customer interviews, the XERION 12 series is leading the way with even more innovations. Introduced in summer 2023, the innovative series features a low engine speed concept “2.0” with two models producing up to 653 hp with maximum torque of up to 2,286 Ib-ft at 1,300 rpm. Unique to this tractor class is the CMATIC continuously variable transmission with a maximum speed of up to 31 mph (TERRA TRAC: up to  25 mph), and a massive hydraulic capacity of up to 142 gpm. The solid-frame tractor is offered on a new shock-absorbed TERRA TRAC undercarriage or 800/70 R42 duals to transfer power to the ground with minimal compaction and slip. The machine was also designed for unrivaled all-round visibility from a four-point suspended cab – one of the most spacious in the premium tractor segment – and with 21% more leg room than previous models. An intuitive CLAAS-exclusive CEMOS system (also a 2024 AE50 winner) analyzes and suggests optimal settings for specific implements and field conditions, improving overall efficiency.

CEMOS for tractors

CEMOS is the first and only self-learning driver assistance and process optimization system on the market that optimizes both the tractor and its attachments. It helps the operator optimize ballasting, tire pressure and engine-transmission management, significantly improving productivity and efficiency in field work such as tillage. In addition, attachment settings can be optimized step by step and the risk of damaging compaction in the soil can be evaluated and visualized thanks to the integrated Terranimo® calculation model. In DLG test report 7096, area performance was increased by up to 16.3 percent and fuel consumption was reduced by up to 16.8 percent. Inexperienced drivers can achieve optimal tractive power transmission, efficiency and work quality with this technology - however, CEMOS demonstrably improves these target areas even for experienced drivers.


Introduced in 2021, the TRION 740 represents the first CLAAS combine built for the North American market since the launch of the ever-popular LEXION combine in 1995. The company’s latest model transfers many of the high-capacity functionalities, efficiencies and performance parameters of the LEXION series to a mid-sized model (class-7) that better fits the performance needs and budget of a more traditional family farm. In North America, the TRION 740 with its APS HYBRID system and single large rotor, complements the extensive twin-rotor LEXION product range.
Whereas the LEXION line is known as a “maximizer” the TRION 740 works as an “optimizer.” It offers impressive capacity when compared to other claas-7 competitors and available with much of the technology and efficiency generally reserved for larger combines such as its CEMOS AUTOMATIC combine automation system, hydraulic rotor covers, 3D cleaning system, TELEMATICS, and an open steering system. The company’s latest combine design re-energizes this segment by delivering CLAAS innovation in an unparalleled crop flow design on an affordable and reliable chassis.

VARIANT net wrap system

Exactly 40 years ago, CLAAS invented the net wrapping technology for round balers. Thanks to this experience and its simplicity, the net wrap system used in VARIANT balers is extremely sophisticated and reliable. To prevent dirt from accumulating, the net cover is on a roll. The net wrap brake is as reliable as it is simple and works independently of the size of roll. Rubber rollers under the net film roll allow for adjustable pre-stretching from the comfort of the cab. High-quality net wrap from CLAAS ensures that bales stay in perfect shape, with or without edge covers.


VARIANT round balers ensure high bale density in all crops, from wet harvested silage to dry straw. At the same time, they are able to produce hay bales with a soft core for safe drying. SMART DENSITY controls the two tensioning arms independently of each other. This means that the VARIANT always has the optimal belt tension in all crop conditions and at all driving speeds. While the exact density as well as the size of the soft core can be adjusted, the outer shell of the bale is always firm and maintains an optimal shape. These properties lead to optimal nutrient preservation, less feed loss, lower risk of spontaneous combustion and better feed conversion.

Double roller drive for DISCO 3600 FRC

The double roller drive of the CLAAS DISCO 3600 FRC front mower is a new, innovative drive concept for the roller conditioner (RC), which was specially developed for high-yield and heavy crops. The technical highlight is the solidly designed scissor gear that runs in an oil bath for maximum reliability and the highest crop throughput. The pivoting design enables the highest throughput and optimizes feed processing. A scale on the side of the mower shows the operator the actual size of the roller gap. The spring tension of the rollers can be adjusted independently of the roller gap.


The DISCO 9700 RC AUTO SWATHER is one of the most productive triple mowers with conditioner and merger belts designed specifically for large forage volumes and heavy crops. Special features such as the new side shifting technology, innovative drive line, and the intelligent merger belt design with 1,100 mm wide merger belts make it unique on the market. The DISCO 9700 RC AUTO SWATHER can easily handle yields of up to 24 t/acre (60 t/ha). While the machine is rugged enough to tackle high-tonnage cereal crops like rye or triticale, its gentle crop flows makes it ideal for delicate legumes such as alfalfa as well. ACTIVE FLOAT pressure control and non-stop collision protection are part of the standard equipment. The centrally positioned swing arms deliver an infinitely adjustable working width from 29’ 2” - 31’ 2” (8.80 to 9.50 m). 

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing engineering for agricultural, food and biological systems. Entries for the AE50 Awards are submitted from around the world and reviewed by a panel of international experts to determine the 50 most innovative and influential products. Increasing efficiency and productivity are taken into account in the decision, as is improving user safety. The award winners will be presented at the ASABE Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference from February 11th to 14th in Louisville, Kentucky (USA).

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