Bale Packaging

Everything from a single source.

Get the best out of your CLAAS machine.

Bale Packaging

Everything from a single source.

Get the best out of your CLAAS machine.

Net Wrap

Wraps Bales from Edge to Edge

Net coverage from bale edge to bale edge protects bales against the effects of the weather and is the basis for stretch wrapping without air pockets.

As the inventor of net wrapping, CLAAS has also played an important role in the development of the netting itself. CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO offers you a modern net range characterized by a very high quality and excellent economy. CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO’s flexibility and ease of handling are also evident in day-to-day use.

CLAAS Covered

The patented "CLAAS COVERED" netting allows the full width of a bale to be covered completely. Using a patented procedure, long threads are incorporated into the netting. This prevents the yarn from being stretched too far. These threads are hooked with the crop so that each bale requires fewer wrappings. The result: a perfectly cylindrical bale. The amount of netting used can be reduced by up to 20%.

High Resistance to Tearing

CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO netting has a minimum resistance to tearing of 290 kg. The benefit to you: the netting can take a greater load. Fewer wraps are required for a firm bale. This means: lower netting consumption but nevertheless safe transport.

Optimum Unwinding

It is also very important for the net rolls to unwind evenly in the baler. CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO guarantees absolutely consistent width and net winding, and enables consistent unwinding.

Protection Against the Effects of the Weather

CLAAS ROLLATEX PRO is stabilized against UV rays and can be stored safely outdoors. A specially stabilized net is available for certain regions with particularly high UV radiation. The stabilization also reduced moisture penetration.

Ease of Handling

The ZEBRA roll pattern indicates the correct side when the roll is inserted in the holder and later simplifies the procedure for opening and rolling out the bale. The last 70m of each roll are clearly marked by a red warning strip, which reflects in the dark.

CLAAS ROLLATEX net rolls have stable handles, which greatly facilitate transportation and handling.

UV Protection / Stabilization

CLAAS ROLLATEX is stabilized against UV radiation and can be stored outdoors without any problems. Specially stabilized netting is available for certain regions with particularly intensive UV radiation.

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