More than just an anti-freeze - CLAAS AGRI COOL coolant

The coolant CLAAS AGRI-COOL guarantees top performance of your machine’s entire cooling system. In addition to reducing the freezing point, it also protects against overheating in summer and provides long-term corrosion protection.

  • Protection against overheating

Maximum possible heat capacity at the lowest volume enables the CLAAS coolant to effectively dissipate heat from the engine.

  • Protection against corrosion

In modern coolant systems, a number of materials, such as steel, copper, aluminum, soldering alloy, cast iron, brass, plastic and many different types of elastomers are used. These materials require protection. CLAAS AGRI COOL coolant provides this protection, thus ensuring a long service life.

  • Protection against freezing

CLAAS AGRI COOL coolant provides freeze protection down to -35°F (–37°C)

CLAAS AGRI-COOL - One anti-freeze coolant for all machines and tractors


For more information, contact your CLAAS dealer.