Hydraulic Oil

Below, you will find a list of the available CLAAS AGRIHYD Hydraulic Oils with their different sizes and corresponding part numbers, as well as an overview of the CLAAS lubricant range:







Overview of the CLAAS AGRIHYD Hydraulic Oils



CLAAS Lubricants

List of the whole CLAAS lubricant range



CLAAS AGRIHYD has been specially designed for the particular requirements of agricultural machinery, but can also be used in other hydraulic systems.

The additives selected make the hydraulic oil very stable with regard to aging, which gives you longer oil residence times and saves you time and money.

High viscosity and a low pour point (lowest temperature at which the oil still flows) ensure ideal cold and hot operation. This means that your machine can be used at any time of year.

CLAAS AGRIHYD forms a smooth lubricating film. As a result, all parts that roll and slide on top of one another function perfectly, and are also protected against corrosion, wear, deposits and oil foaming.

CLAAS AGRIHYD can even be filtered in the presence of water. This gives you the benefit that the filter is not contaminated unnecessarily, and the oil has a longer service life.

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