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LEXION 780-730

Crop flow.

LEXION 780-730

Crop flow.

Crop flow. Committed to productivity.

Time is money and we at CLAAS know you expect the highest possible productivity from your combine, so we are committed to bringing you just that. From the moment the crop flows into the feederhouse and into the APS HYBRID SYSTEM, to the moment the clean grain hits the grain tank and residue is spread, we offer more capacity, more performance and more efficiency.


HP feederhouse.

The HP feederhouse is designed for all crops and features an extra wide channel (same as the threshing system) with a shallow angle that provides a smooth, gentle transition for the crop into the APS threshing system.


  • Hydraulic top-link fore/aft header pitch adjustment with 19 degrees of fore/aft pitch control from the cab
  • Heavy-duty 4-chain, 3-slat conveyor provides reliable transfer of the crop through the feederhouse
  • Adjustable front drum
  • Closed front drum adds protection against rocks and foreign debris
In-cab convenience features:
  • Automatic ground speed control with CEMOS CRUISE PILOT based on losses and throughput
  • Automatic overload prevention with CEMOS AUTO CROP FLOW
  • Automatic soft start system
  • Automatic terrain compensation with AUTO CONTOUR
  • Feederhouse reverse
  • Feederhouse break activation located on the multifunction control lever
  • Header pitch adjustment with HP feederhouse
  • Up to four programmable header heights

Threshing and separation.


The APS HYBRID SYSTEM on the LEXION 700 Series is a combination of two industry-leading technologies: the Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) threshing system and the highly efficient ROTO PLUS dual rotor separation system. Only CLAAS integrates both systems into one machine, giving you a significant competitive edge over other combine processors.


  • Synchronized tri-cylinder threshing system
  • 24 in (600 mm) rasp bar threshing cylinder
  • Interchangeable APS grates
  • Parallel concave adjustment with overload protection
  • Lever-operated dis-awning plates
  • Dual rotor separation
  • 17.5 in (445 mm) diameter
  • 14 ft (4,200 mm) length
  • Up to four rotor cover plates

In-cab convenience features:
  • Automatic threshing cylinder speed and concave adjustment with CEMOS AUTO THRESHING
  • Automatic rotor speed and rotor cover plate adjustment with CEMOS AUTO SEPARATION 
  • Automatic overload prevention with CEMOS AUTO CROP FLOW
  • Automatic ground speed control with CEMOS CRUISE PILOT based on losses and throughput
  • Independent threshing and separation speed adjustment
  • Rotor cover plate adjustment

Cleaning system.

JET STREAM cleaning system.

The JET STREAM cleaning system is designed specifically to match the capacity of the APS HYBRID SYSTEM. With its extra large upper sieve area and high performance turbine fans, the performance of the JET STREAM system is unmatched.


  • Cascade pre-cleaner
  • Extra-long upper sieve area
  • High performance turbine fans
  • Long flow compensation channel ensures a consistent, extremely strong air blast
  • Eight turbine fans (LEXION 780/760)
  • Six turbine fans (LEXION 750/740/730)
  • 3D-cleaning system
  • Preparation floor
In-cab convenience features:
  • Automatic fan speed and lower/upper sieve adjustment with CEMOS AUTO CLEANING 
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment with CEMOS AUTO SLOPE
  • Automatic sidehill compensation with CEMOS 4D-cleaning
  • Automatic MOG and broken grain monitoring with GRAIN QUALITY CAMERA
  • Loss sensitivity adjustment
  • Ratio of grain to MOG measurement with GRAINMETER
  • Return volume monitor
  • Clean-out function

Grain handling.

Grain tank and unloading.

All LEXION combines are equipped standard with power-folding bin extensions. Constructed of steel, the extensions are controlled hydraulically from the cab and raise and lower rapidly to avoid any downtime. Unloading the LEXION grain tank is fast and efficient with its heavy-duty drive. The #80 O-ring sealed chain increases the service interval for greater uptime and longer chain life.


  • 385 bu (13,500 l) to 300 bu (10,600 l) grain tank
  • Large grain tank window
  • Illuminated grain tank window
  • Inspection port for grain samples
  • Self-tensioning clean grain elevator chain
  • Adjustable cross auger covers
  • Easy clean-out between crops
  • 3.8 bu/sec (130 l/s) to 3.3 bu/sec (110 l/sec) unloading capacity
  • 2.8 bu/sec (90 l/s) on rice model
  • Unloading auger camera (PROFI CAM)
In-cab convenience features:
  • Grain tank fill level monitor
  • Grain tank distance to full monitor
  • Grain tank light
  • Grain tank 70 percent and 100 percent full beacon
  • Power-folding bin extensions
  • Yield and grain moisture monitoring with QUANTIMETER
  • In-field grain logistics available with FLEET VIEW

LEXION model780TT/780760TT/760750TT/750740TT/740730
Grain tank capacity (bu/l)780: 360/12,800
780TT: 385/13,500

760: 360/12,800
760TT: 385/13,500




Unloading rate (bu/l sec)3.8/1303.8/130

2.8/90 Rice

2.8/90 Rice

2.8/90 Rice

Residue management.

Residue management systems.

CLAAS offers four residue management systems with almost endless options and conveniences to fit all your residue management needs: PRO CHOP, TURBO CHOP, Standard Chopper, and Straw Spreaders.

In-cab convenience features:

  • Stationary knife and friction floor engagement
  • Spreading/windrowing adjustment
  • Spread width adjustment
  • Spread direction adjustment
  • Overlap adjustment
  • Automatic side-wind/slope compensation
  • Tailboard working and transport position

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