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The CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvester.

As soon as it made its debut, the JAGUAR forage harvester impressed many with outstanding performance and low fuel consumption. Ever since, this unique machine has demonstrated how successfully CLAAS concentrates on consistent and practical development in this extremely demanding field. In this way, we ensure that it continues to be the most popular forage harvester in the world – and fuel efficiency is just one of its many perks.

Enter to win $10,000 in farm diesel fuel!

Fuel efficiency the competition can’t match.

A team of experienced forage harvester operators put the JAGUAR’s fuel saving capabilities to the test against three leading brands in agricultural equipment. Over the course of five different tests – all in different geographic regions – the JAGUAR was the clear winner.

Intelligent power management.

DYNAMIC POWER PRO from CLAAS automatically reduces engine horsepower to what is needed to maintain ground speed and engine rpm. DYNAMIC POWER PRO adjusts the engine output to the field conditions in ten steps that ensure you are always operating in the most efficient engine speed range. These automatic adjustments provide fuel savings of up to 10.6% compared to models not equipped with DYNAMIC POWER PRO. Combined with CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE, you see even more efficiency, low fuel consumption, and optimal engine load.

The best crop flow in the industry.

Optimal crop flow is key to meeting output goals. The crop is accelerated at each step and is centered by the chevron arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles. This means maximum performance with minimum power consumption. The JAGUAR consistently demonstrates outstanding results in terms of fuel consumption.