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Heavy-duty specs for a professional operation.

The ROLLANT 375 RC UNIWRAP balers are specially equipped for professional applications.


Heavy-duty specs for a professional operation.

The ROLLANT 375 RC UNIWRAP balers are specially equipped for professional applications.



The CLAAS COMMUNICATOR II, with its large, clearly laid-out display and ISOBUS technology, is an excellent option for the VARIANT 380/360. You're kept clearly in the picture regarding your machine's operational status. What's more, you can quickly and easily change key configuration parameters. A touch of the button is all it takes to access five menus with which, for example, you can:

  • Determine the MPS baling and closing pressure of the tailgate
  • Control the knife group selection
  • Open and close the extendable PRO floor
  • Open and close the tailgate
  • Review the bale status (bale fill level indicator)
  • Wrapper configuration

There are 20 job memories available for professional job data collection, with which you can record the bale count, percentage of chopped bales, working hours and amount of net used for each customer. This gives you all the information you need for accurate invoicing.

OPERATOR. The convenient alternative.

With the handy OPERATOR terminal, you'll quickly be able to manage all important functions and keep your baling tasks fully under control from the comfort of the cab. Baling pressure, bale size and the left/right display are conveniently arranged within the driver's field of vision.

Task menu:

Bale diameter, baling pressure, left-right display, knife position, number of bales.

Job menu:

Up to 20 job records can be stored – details include total hours, number of bales and bales cut, plus lots of other useful information.

Settings menu:

Baling pressure, soft core diameter, bale diameter.

Information menu:

This menu displays the key rpm speeds of the balers.



Changes of driver and changing harvesting conditions are often the norm during harvesting periods. The CMT II is intuitive to use, meaning just about anyone can start using the baler quickly and efficiently.

With the CLAAS MEDIUM TERMINAL II (CMT II), you can configure all of the main functions even prior to use. Select the type of tying – net wrap or twine – and set the automatic tying start function to suit your requirements. You also have the option of initiating the tying operation manually when you need to pick up the end of the swath. Meanwhile, the CMT lets you control, with a very high level of precision, all the operations taking place behind the tractor during the baling and tying processes. The terminal also provides you with exact information on the number of bales made per day, the total number of bales and the aggregate time in hours. Furthermore, the lowerable floor can also be operated.


CMT II – the wrapper control terminal.

Using the CMT II attached to the wrapper, you can programme the wrapper for specific conditions before use. When carrying out maintenance, such as changing a roll of film, you can manually activate the wrapping and film cutting functions on the spot. What's more, the wrapper control unit is used to select the number of layers of stretch film or mode. The baling and wrapping mode can be set to baling only.