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Round Balers

Performance and Reliability

CLAAS round balers offer professional quality performance all wrapped up in a perfect package.

Round Balers

Performance and Reliability

CLAAS round balers offer professional quality performance all wrapped up in a perfect package.

The pick-up – top performance right from the outset.


With its 83 in (2.1 m) working width, the pick-up is able to gather even the widest windrows thoroughly without any soiling of the forage. Large castor guide wheels keep it securely on track. The short crop guard guides the flow of forage safely to the rotor, even in the case of small and irregular swaths. The pick-up follows every ground contour and protects the grass cover, even at high operating speeds and when turning.


Double-roller crop press for optimum input.

The front double-roller crop press compacts the crop, accelerates the crop flow and actively guides it to the rotor. It also ensures that the bale chamber is filled evenly, thus creating perfectly round bales. The short distance between the pick-up and rotor ensures the smooth transportation of the crop. The combination of lateral stub augers and roller crop press make the work easier, particularly when working in uneven silage swaths.


Controlled crop flow for stored bales.

Large stub augers on either side feed the crop to the intake, giving extra bale density around the edges. This in turn improves bale stability, and the bales withstand rough handling better, but do not lose their shape during transport or over long storage periods. The pick-up is located well forward on the baler, maximising the driver’s visibility from the tractor seat. This makes it easier to monitor the crop flow and prevents blockages from occurring.

25-blade ROTO CUT system: short cut for optimum forage quality.


ROTO CUT for perfect chopping quality.

Energy-rich, tasty silage with optimum lactic acid fermentation is the order of the day for high milk production in the dairy herd. Three things are needed for this: short fodder, high compaction and the exclusion of oxygen.


As many blades as required.

The 25-blade chopping rotor works precisely, quickly and effectively, with helical double tines for a consistently good feed quality. Because the crop is cut short and precisely into small lengths, it can be compacted more densely and later broken up much more easily.

The CLAAS ROTO CUT enables chopping lengths of 44 mm with an outstanding chop quality. Thanks to the high rotor speed, more than 13,000 chops per minute are possible.

  • Massive cutting rotor made of double-hardened boron steel
  • Four spirally arranged tine rows for optimal crop intake
  • Precise knife guidance through the spirally arranged dual tines
  • Aggressive blades for especially high cutting quality – optionally with tungsten carbide coating
  • Individual blade protection

A solid basis.

  • The ROTO CUT system with its high intake capacity is designed for maximum performance
  • Change blade groups from the cab to 0, 12, 13 or 25. Individually protected blades for perfect cutting quality
  • Extendable floor allows the machine to be pushed to its limits every time
  • The hydraulic MPS PLUS ensures optimum bale density for the best silage quality
  • 1,000-rpm transmission speed for heavy-duty operations
  • Convenient net binding with active net brake
  • Large-volume tires protect the ground and grass cover
  • The high-performance wrapper wraps the bales with 67% pre-stretching, or optionally with 82% pre-stretching
  • The CLAAS COMMUNICATOR makes the rapid setting of key parameters a simple matter of pressing a few buttons

The lowerable PRO floor – just stay seated.


New and exclusive to CLAAS: the cab-operated, hydraulic forward-dropping PRO floor. This makes annoying blockages a thing of the past. Uneven windrows are easily passed through the flexible floor. It opens automatically and adapts to the crop volumes, preventing blockages. This ensures premium cutting quality at all times.

Control via an alarm and visual signal on the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR enables optimal compaction without the ROLLANT ever coming to a standstill as a result of blockages, effectively eliminating costly downtime. And if blockages do occur, you can simply remain seated. A press of a button on the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR releases the pressure from the blades and the floor opens up to the front. The rotor pushes the blockage further along into the bale chamber at full force. The floor then closes again and the blades automatically swivel back in.

The ROLLANT 300 range with CMT can also be equipped with a lowerable PRO floor via two hydraulic cylinders.

Any blockages can be cleared conveniently from the comfort of the cab via the CLAAS MEDIUM TERMINAL II.

With hydraulically lowerable PRO floor.


The hydraulically lowerable PRO floor can be opened to the front by activating the ancillary dual-acting spool valve. The rotor forces the blockage directly into the baling chamber. Now just close the floor and you're back in action.

On machines with a chopping rotor, pressure is released from the blades at the push of a button, before the lowerable PRO floor is opened. The blades automatically swing back in upon closing.

In a class of its own – the early warning system.


The baling process generally needs to be fast, and high daily outputs are a must. Drivers need systems that "think" as well, and offer them invaluable support.

The lowerable PRO floor actively adapts to the crop flow. Automatic lowering by up to 1.2 in (30 mm) enables uneven swaths to be continuously drawn in by the rotor, with no loss of excellent chop quality.

The "evasive" movement of the ground is indicated on the control terminal as visual and acoustic signals via a sensor.

This enables the driver to push the baler to its limits and avoid unnecessary downtime resulting from blockages.