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The baler with more.

The new QUADRANT 5300 creates 3 x 4 perfectly formed bales, and includes a new integrated weighing system.


The baler with more.

The new QUADRANT 5300 creates 3 x 4 perfectly formed bales, and includes a new integrated weighing system.

Adjustable pre-chamber and feed rake

At a glance.

  • Exclusive to CLAAS: the pre-chamber can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab
  • Even filling of the chamber for all crop types: the CLAAS crop flow concept
  • Perfect bale shape with a consistent density: the hydraulic packer tine control is impressive regardless of the conditions
  • Safe and reliable: the feed rake and rotor are protected via a clutch

Unique to CLAAS: the hydraulically adjustable pre-chamber.

Depending on the consistency of the crop and windrow size, the pre-chamber pressure can be selected from three available options via the ISOBUS control terminal, allowing the machine to be run at maximum output at all times. Regardless of the windrow and crop conditions you come across, you can bring everything under control with the adjustable, hydraulically actuated pre-chamber.

Adjustable pre-chamber control.

The pre-chamber can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab, so that you can be sure of the best results, no matter what the crop type or volume.

Additionally, the feed rake load can be constantly monitored, meaning the baler can always be run at its limit.

  • Unique crop flow concept.

    Smooth crop transport from the rotor to the packer tines and the adjustable pre-chamber ensure even filling of the chamber in all crop types, whether straw, hay or silage. The results are firm, well-shaped and conveniently stackable bales with maximum throughput and a chopping performance that speaks volumes.

  • Hydraulic packer tine control.

    For large windrows, the QUADRANT produces bales without the pre-chamber. In all other cases, you can activate the hydraulic and wear-free packer tine control effortlessly from the cab.

    Three different settings ensure optimal compaction in all conditions.  Whether the machine is configured for medium or small windrows, each bale is always optimally filled and the harvested crop is forced into the chamber in a single stroke. The result is a perfect bale shape with even compaction, even when baling irregular or small swaths.

    Only from CLAAS: equipped with two paddle shafts and sensors, the QUADRANT gathers the harvested crop until the pre-chamber is optimally filled.

  • Reliable protection of feed rake and rotor.

    Push your QUADRANT to the max. The feed rake and rotor are protected via a clutch. If the feed rake is blocked, the rotor stops automatically. Additionally, information regarding the feed rake load is communicated to you via the ISOBUS control terminal, enabling you to prevent a potential overload ahead of time. This means you'll never be able to drive the QUADRANT to a standstill. New in the QUADRANT 5300: feed rake clutch protection set 30% higher for performance peaks.

Dependable drive concept.

QUADRANT balers have impressed operators for years with their reliable drive design. Clearly arranged and easily accessible components ensure high efficiency and a long service life. The design ensures outstanding efficiency by transmitting all power along short, straight lines using a very large flywheel. Lowest possible energy consumption per ton of crop means lower fuel bills.

  • Intelligent safety technology.

    Superior safety technology ensures fault-free operation. The cleverly designed drive of the packer tines, needles and knotters via the shafts and transmission offers dependable peak performance. The baler is effectively protected by the main transmission's overload clutch against any damage caused by the intake of foreign objects.

  • Overload clutch protects machine from jamming.

    The feed rake and rotor are fitted with separate automatic overload protection devices. Whenever the packer tine clutch engages, the rotor clutch is disconnected automatically. All overload clutches automatically re-engage when the PTO speed is brought back down. You'll never need to leave the driver's seat in the event of a blockage. If required, the cutting floor can be lowered via the tractor hydraulics. This means the QUADRANT will never be driven to a standstill. You can quickly clear any blockages right from the tractor seat.

    The feed rake is effectively protected with the additional specially adjusted safety clutch, so that the machine will never get jammed. In the new QUADRANT 5300 the high baler throughput is protected with a 30% stronger clutch. High performance is assured by a torque increase of 26%.

    Ram loading is electronically monitored. If an overload occurs, it is compensated by the hydraulic pressure control to protect the baling unit. The driver is informed via the display and baling pressure is automatically built up again.

    Outstanding features that have been setting the standard for years:

    • High speeds and low torque
    • Maintenance-free drives and clutches operating in an oil bath
    • Maintenance-free packer tine drive with hydraulically adjustable pre-chamber
    • Divided power flow: baling rams, packer tines, pick-up and rotors are powered separately
    • Minimum number of moving parts