The AXION 800 Series tractor.

Simply superior.

The AXION 800 Series tractor.

Simply superior.

Now available through select dealers.

The testing and development phase of new products is important. At CLAAS, we spend significant time and resources to ensure our product attributes fit the market, the reliability is what customers expect, and that we have provided for the numerous application types found in North America.

With the AXION 800 Series tractor, as we moved out of the development and testing phase and into the commercial pre-series phase, we partnered with a select group of dealers in diverse areas to ensure that we have the parts, service, and training support mechanisms in place to facilitate the best customer and operator experience.

Currently, we have 20 dealers that are designated AXION dealers and we intend to increase that number over the next year to include all of our dealers that are currently contracted to sell our XERION tractor. From there, we will expand our tractor footprint to include all CLAAS long-line dealers.

We look forward to bringing the AXION tractor to a CLAAS dealer near you.

Simply superior.

Simply productive.

A powerful 6.7L Tier 4F engine with deep torque reserves will power through tough spots in the field and steep grades on the road. Two intelligent transmission choices with an optional 31 mph travel speed make quick work of many different jobs. Standard high-flow, load sensing hydraulics ensure accurate and precise control of seed and chemical applications, and an optional front hitch and PTO are available for greater versatility. The CLAAS AXION 800 Series tractors are simply more productive - more acres per hour, more tons per day, more hours per year.

Simply efficient.

If you need efficient power throughput for tillage applications, the HEXASHIFT transmission is for you. If your demands call for maximum speed under varied engine loads, our CMATIC CVT transmission is the perfect fuel saving option. Coupled with a multi-speed PTO system and an optional PROACTIV front suspended axle that transfers more power to the ground, the CLAAS AXION 800 Series tractors are simply more efficient - less gallons per acre, less hours per job, less cost per hour.

Simply comfortable.

With a standard four-point suspended cab, optional leather ventilated and heated seat, PROACTIV front axle, and shock absorbing front- and rear- three point hitches, the AXION 800 delivers premium comfort in spades. We understand that long hours - day and night, hot and cold, rain or shine - are mandatory, so our tractors deliver a quiet ride, LED lights that turn nighttime into daytime, curved glass and forward placed B-posts for the best visibility, automatic climate control, and a built in cool-box to keep you comfortable and refreshed. The CLAAS AXION 800 Series tractors are simply more comfortable - less fatigue, more time at work, better ride quality.

A quick look.

1. FPT Engine

  • 6.7L displacement
  • SCR aftertreatment only
  • Variable geometry turbo charger
  • 880 equipped with boost for an added 20 hp in PTO and roading applications

2. Transmission

HEXASHIFT (powershift transmission)

  • Four robotized ranges and six gears
  • 24F/24R
  • 31 mph maximum speed optional
  • Programmable shuttle shifting aggressiveness

CMATIC (CVT transmission)

  • From 2.7 ft/min creeper work up to 31 mph
  • Provides fuel savings of up to 25%
  • 25 mph at 1300 rpm
  • 31 mph at 1600 rpm
  • Engine brake standard

3. Front 3-Point Hitch

  • Vibration dampening
  • Foldable lower links to reduce transport length

4. Front PTO

  • Factory-fit - full integration into tractor
  • Ideal for triple mower work
  • External controls on front of tractor

5. Front Axle

  • Fixed oscillating front axle
  • PROACTIV suspended front axle
  • Multi-disc brakes available

6. Maintenance and Serviceability

  • Engine oil interval of 600 hours
  • Radiator package opens for easy maintenance
  • Air intake filter located in front of coolers for easy access

7. Hydraulics

  • 40 gpm flow at pump outlet
  • Four rear SCVs as standard
  • Couplers equipped with pressure relief levers
  • Up to five rear remotes and two front remotes available
  • Power Beyond available as an option

8. Comfort Features

Cab Suspension Standard

  • Adjustable four-point mechanically suspended cab
  • Optional active heated leather seat
  • Noise levels rival industry benchmarks
  • Excellent rearward visibility with unique curved
  • rearward window
  • Cooler box located under trainer seat


  • Hood, roof, and fender mounted work lights
  • LED and lateral lights optional


  • Single display for all machine functions
  • Seat mounted

Simply stated.

Kerry Knuth | Mead, NE, USA

“We can do every job on our farm with this size of tractor, whether it’s big square baling, round baling, or loading - the AXION can handle it all. It’s comfortable, too.Everything in the cab is right where you want it - close to you, handy, convenient.”

Pierre-Luc Benoit | La Pocatiere, QC, Canada

“We are very pleased with the comfort of the AXION. We like the heated and vented seats, the exceptional visibility from the cab, the position of the controller, and the CMATIC transmission operation with easy programmable modes and cruise control.”

Tate and Carly Mesbergen | Greeley, CO, USA

“With the AXION, we can really maximize our efficiency. We’re using a lot less fuel and doing a lot more, which helps our bottom line. And it packs a punch - there’s a lot of horsepower in that tractor.”

Sebastien Pelletier | Saint-Germain-de-Kamouraska,
QC, Canada

“The AXION tractor is a huge benefit to my custom manure spreading business. I spend up to 15 hours a day in the tractor, and the transmission is so gentle and so easy to operate, I’m not exhausted at all when I come home at night.”


EngineLFPT 6.7FPT 6.7FPT 6.7FPT 6.7FPT 6.7FPT 6.7FPT 6.7
Rated engine powerhp265/280*250245230215215200
Advertised PTO HP SAE, OECD-2,
PTO rated speed

Hydraulic pump flow

Max. flow at couplers - 1 spool/2 spoolgpm29/3729/3729/3729/3729/3729/3729/37
Max. front lift capacitylbs10,12010,12010,12010,12010,12010,12010,120
Max. rear lift capacitylbs21,45021,45021,45021,45021,45021,45021,450
Fuel tank capacitygal120120120120120120120
DEF tank capacitygal11111111111111
Base weightlbs22,31022,31021,81321,25421,25420,44019,554

* With power boost engaged