AXION 880-810

Simply superior.

With proven productivity, efficiency and comfort, the CLAAS AXION 800 series tractor is commercially launched after rigorous testing on real farms across the United States and Canada.

AXION 880-810

Simply superior.

With proven productivity, efficiency and comfort, the CLAAS AXION 800 series tractor is commercially launched after rigorous testing on real farms across the United States and Canada.

Performance packaged.

Strong at heart.

A 6-cylinder, 6.7 liter FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies)
NEF 6 engine gets to work under the hood. The engine meets the requirements of the T4F emissions standard by incorporating exhaust gas aftertreatment with urea. It uses the latest common rail 4-valve technology, charge-air cooling, and a variable geometry turbo (VGT).

Constant output.

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve.

  • Variable geometry turbo.

    The VGT turbo delivers optimum charge-air pressure at any engine speed. It adjusts to load and engine speed, making 70% of maximum torque available even when idling. Optimized combustion therefore means low fuel consumption and maximum performance.


    The AXION 880 CMATIC delivers up to 290 hp thanks to the intelligent CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT (CPM) electronic control system. Additional boost power is available for PTO work above 4.3 mph, for transport operations, and also for the fan drive, significantly increasing the performance and versatility of the AXION 880 CMATIC.

Cleaning up.

SCR – the urea-based solution.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, a process in which nitrogen oxides are converted into water and pure nitrogen. This is achieved by using a synthetic aqueous solution of urea (DEF), which is carried in an additional tank. Exhaust gas aftertreatment enables the combustion process in the engine to function at the optimum level.

Fully integrated SCR system.

When designing the AXION 800 Series, all the components required for exhaust gas aftertreatment were considered from the outset. The diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) is positioned under the hood for optimum performance and improved visibility.

CLAAS CMATIC. Continuously variable.

Efficient and user-friendly.

CMATIC is the name of the continuously variable transmission technology used in CLAAS tractors. In the AXION 800 series a ZF Terramatic transmission provides efficient conversion of engine power. In this split-power, continuously variable transmission, the four mechanical ranges are automatically selected by multidisc clutches. There is no need to shift between ranges manually.

The high mechanical component in the power transmission provides outstanding efficiency and low fuel consumption in every speed range.

  • Exploiting real potential.
    AXION 900

    With engine speeds of 1,600 rpm at a top speed of 50 km/h and 1,300 rpm at 40 km/h, AXION 870-810 tractors also demonstrate their capabilities in transport operations. If the accelerator is not depressed, the transmission is in powered zero mode and maintains its position without creeping or rolling. This means that the tractor can start up safely and easily at steep field entrances or road junctions, even with a full load.

  • Superior transmission control.

    Powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration and a fast response to changes in load: CMATIC powertrain management shows its maturity in all conditions and for every task. Stay relaxed and focused throughout the working day so you can concentrate on more important things – CMATIC does the rest for you.

CMATIC. Optimised settings.

Simple, straightforward operation.

The CMATIC transmission has three operating modes: accelerator pedal, drive lever and manual mode. In the first two modes, forward speed can be controlled by the accelerator pedal or drive lever. The engine speed and transmission ratio are adjusted automatically – for optimum efficiency and optimised fuel consumption. In manual mode, the driver chooses the engine speed and transmission ratio. Automatic engine and transmission control is not active.

  • NEW: Engine droop at the push of a button.

    Engine droop setting for "Eco" and "Power", 
and the engine speed memory

    The engine droop value can be used for quick and easy regulation of the engine speed under full load. The CEBIS or CIS terminal clearly displays the engine speed at which the transmission reduces the speed.

    When the engine speed memory is active, e.g. for PTO work, you can specify the difference from the saved engine speed at which the transmission ratio is reduced.

    Two engine droop values can be saved for engine droop in accelerator pedal and drive lever mode. They are retrieved by the quick-access facility using the F buttons. With these values, known as "Eco" and "Power", the droop can be rapidly adjusted to the task in hand, e.g. when moving from the road to the field. The engine droop for the engine speed memory is defined separately.

for maximum efficiency.

The HEXASHIFT powershift transmission 
from CLAAS.

With HEXASHIFT you can shift effortlessly through all six powershift speeds and the four automatic ranges using your fingertips, or you can shift automatically using the HEXACTIV auto-shift function.

HEXASHIFT is available in two different versions:

  • ECO 40 km/h at 1,950 rpm
  • ECO 50 km/h at 1,950 rpm

Overlapping powershift speeds allow the full output potential of the engine to be utilised. This overlap also provides smooth range shifting on the road.

  • Clear benefits.
    • No need to use the clutch when changing range
    • Good gear spacing in all ranges
    • Twelve gears in the main operating range
    • Fully automatic shifting with HEXACTIV
    • Excellent efficiency in the field and on the road for low fuel consumption
    • Creep gear options down to 110 m/h
    • Convenient adjustment options with CIS or CEBIS
    • High operating comfort with the DRIVESTICK or CMOTION
    • CLAAS powertrain management for smooth changes in range and powershift operations
    • REVERSHIFT shuttle lever with electronic parking brake

    NEW: Powershift transmission functions:

    • SMART STOP: stop with the brake pedal without using the clutch
    • HEXACTIV powershift unit with cruise control
    • Disable cruise control and engine speed memory using the throttle pedal

    • NEW: REVERSHIFT reversing function on the ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever

HEXASHIFT.Always in the right gear.

Automatic transmission control.

There's no need to move through every gear (as in a conventional powershift transmission) when shifting between ranges – the HEXASHIFT transmission automatically selects the most appropriate gear depending on forward speed and load, regardless of whether you are driving manually or automatically. If you press the clutch in range D, the transmission automatically adjusts the powershift speed when the clutch is re-engaged. This can be very useful, e.g. when approaching a junction.

  • Intelligent transmission settings.

    When using the clutchless reverser, you can even change gear automatically when you want the forward speed to be different from the reverse speed. At the headland, you can also engage a pre-selected gear simply by pressing a button. This means that you are always moving at the same speed on the headland. The aggressiveness of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser is also adjustable in nine steps (-4 to +4), providing optimum ride comfort in all situations.

  • HEXACTIV start-up and approach gears.

    Auto mode

    The start-up gear engaged when starting the engine is freely selectable between A1 and D1. The specified start-up gear is engaged every time you start the engine. A separate approach gear can also be selected when operating with the HEXACTIV auto-shift function activated. This gear is automatically engaged as soon as the tractor comes to a standstill.

The right speed every time.

Three different PTO options are available for the AXION 800:

  • 540 and 1,000 rpm
  • 540/540 ECO and 1,000 rpm
  • 540 ECO / 1,000 / 1,000 ECO rpm

The PTO speed is easily pre-selected at the touch of a button. Another button activates the PTO.

Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement is activated at a specified linkage height which is continuously adjustable. To save the height, you just move the rear linkage to the required position and give a long press on the automatic PTO button. The integral freewheel on the rear PTO makes implement hitching simple.

Standing start.

The 540 / 1,000 rpm PTOs reach their full speed precisely in the maximum engine output range. As a result, even heavy PTO-driven implements are no problem for these tractors.
In ECO PTO mode the engine runs at a low, fuel-efficient speed. During light work, the lower engine speed can reduce noise levels and save valuable fuel.

Rotational speeds:

  • 1,000 rpm ECO at 1,600 engine rpm
  • 540 rpm ECO at 1,520 engine rpm

Powerful hydraulics. 
Simple connections.

Pressure-free connections and no mess.

All the hydraulic couplings at the rear of AXION 870-800 tractors have release levers, so they can be connected and disconnected even under pressure.

Coloured markings on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly. Oil leakage lines collect the oil from the couplings when attaching and removing connectors.

  • NEW: Hydraulics that get the job done.
    • Load-sensing hydraulic system for all AXION 800 models with 110 or 150 l/min output
    • With CIS: four mechanical spool valves operated from the right-hand side console and ELECTROPILOT controls for two electronic spool valves on the armrest
    • With CIS+: up to six electronic spool valves can be operated from the armrest – up to four of these with the ELECTROPILOT
    • With CEBIS: controls for up to seven electronic spool valves on the armrest – four of which can be operated by ELECTROPILOT. Thanks to free assignment and prioritisation of the spool valves, every driver can adapt CEBIS operation according to the task in hand and personal preference. The frequently-used hydraulic functions are positioned side by side for smooth operation.
    • With CEBIS and CIS+: spool valve operation can be assigned to the F buttons on the CMOTION, multifunction armrest or ELECTROPILOT to lighten the workload during combined operating processes.
    Max. number of mechanical spool valves, rear4--
    Max. number of elctronic spool valves, rear-45
    Max. number of electronic spool valves, centre, e.g. for connections to the front or a front linkage; operated from ELECTROPILOT222
    Spool valve prioritisation--
    Free spool valve assignment--

    □ Available – Not available

Lifts any implement. 
The rear linkage.

The rear linkage.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 t, these tractors can carry the heaviest of implements. The configuration of the rear hydraulic system can be tailored to individual requirements:

  • Manual or automatic lower link stabilisers
  • Wheel slip control via radar speed
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Practical ball holder at the rear
  • Excellent view of linkage and drawbar
  • Both mudguards are fitted with external controls for the rear linkage, PTO and one electronic spool valve (CEBIS only)
  • NEW: A hitch to suit every need.

    The tow hitch support on the AXION is ISO 500 compliant. This means that hitches on other machines which conform to the same standard can be used. A wide range of hitch options are available ex factory:

    • Pick-up hitch
    • Tow hitch support with Piton-Fix coupling

    In the drawbar frame:

    • Automatic clevis, 38 mm
    • K80 hitch ball and positive steering (up to 4.0 t drawbar load)
    • CUNA hitch system

    As a drawbar:

    • With Cat. 3
    • With K80 hitch ball and positive steering (4.0 t drawbar load)

Greater versatility. 
More applications.

Front linkage.

All AXION 800 models can be fitted with two different front linkages at the factory:

  • 4.6 t max. lifting capacity
  • 5.8 t max. lifting capacity

The modular construction means that retrofitting can be carried out easily.

Fast, straightforward maintenance.

Good access saves time and money.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The large, one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The engine oil can be checked and topped up on the left-hand side of the tractor when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools
  • The front axle lubrication points are located in front of the radiator assembly for optimum accessibility
  • The fuel prefilter is conveniently located by the left-hand cab access ladder.
  • Large drawer in the left-hand access ladder with space for a standard toolbox

The long oil-change intervals (engine 600 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,200 h) save time and money. As a result, less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.

Fresh air for full power.

The large intake panels in the bonnet provide plenty of fresh air for cooling and for the engine air filter. Low flow rates at the intake panels help them to stay clean and permeable at all times.

The radiator assemblies are supported by a robust frame and gas-filled shock absorbers open the radiator panels to two positions for thorough cleaning. Cleaning can therefore be carried out safely and conveniently as required.

The air filter is accessibly located in the cool zone in front of the radiator panels so it can be removed without hindrance. Coarse dirt particles are extracted in the filter housing, further extending the cleaning interval.