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Record Breaking Results

XERION 5000/4500

The XERION 5000/4500 tractor line sets new performance records in key categories.

Record Breaking Results

XERION 5000/4500

The XERION 5000/4500 tractor line sets new performance records in key categories.

XERION Tractors Break Records at Nebraska Tractor Test Lab

The XERION 4500 and XERION 5000 tractors are raising the bar when it comes to efficiency, cab noise, pull-to-weight ratio and more, because these four-wheel-drive tractors broke several records during their evaluation by the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab (NTTL).

The NTTL, based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is the officially designated tractor testing station in the U.S. Since 1919, they have tested more than 2,000 tractors, providing independent third-party analysis.

The XERION 4500

The XERION 4500 now holds the record as the most fuel-efficient tractor in the 4WD, 450-500 hp class. Pair that with new records in power-take-off (PTO) hp (hr)/gallon in rated engine speed (18.33), and you’ve got one amazing combination.

The XERION 4500 also set a new 25-year record in the ballasted portion of the test, dispelling the belief that tracks necessarily provide more pulling power than tires. The 4WD tractor tested with a higher maximum pull, pull difference and pull-to-weight ratio than a comparable tractor with tracks.

The cab noise level of the XERION 4500 is quieter than a Cadillac Escalade traveling at 65 miles per hour, registering at just 68.5 decibels. That was a new record… until they tested the XERION 5000.

To see the complete NTTL test results, go to tinyurl.com/Xerion4500

The XERION 5000

The XERION 5000 was even quieter than the record-breaking 4500, coming in at just 67.0 decibels.

This tractor also did very well in the three-point hitch test, achieving a maximum force of 21,738 pounds in the continuous lift test.

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Both XERION models competed against top tractors in engine lugging capacity, and both came out on top, setting a record for low engine speed while providing maximum torque. That’s due in large part to the XERION tractor’s ECCOM CVT transmission.

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