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XERION 5000-4000

A higher level.

The demands of today’s modern farm are constantly expanding. It’s time to meet the tractor that meets those demands head on: the XERION.

XERION 5000-4000

A higher level.

The demands of today’s modern farm are constantly expanding. It’s time to meet the tractor that meets those demands head on: the XERION.

Business class. The cab.

Ultra-convenient reverse-drive system.

The cab on the XERION TRAC VC (Variable Cab) can be rotated through 180° in less than 30 seconds simply by pressing a button. This new position at the rear of the tractor gives the driver an excellent view of rear-mounted attachments. All the controls move as well – automatically. For tasks such as silo work, chipping wood, snow blowing or mulching, this convenience is unique.

Magnificent view.

The spacious cab offers unbeatable all-round visibility thanks to its large windows and 4-pillar design.

And long working days are no problem with a maximum noise level of 69 dB.

Intelligent suspension.

Semi-active cab suspension enhances driving comfort in all applications. The dampers are electronically controlled and automatically adjust the suspension to the current driving situation.

Everything in hand. The armrest.


The armrest is designed to ensure that the driver's arm and hand remain relaxed and comfortable while controlling the most important functions. Even when operating the CMOTION multifunction control lever, your hand lies on the armrest and does not get tired.


You can adjust the entire armrest to suit your needs: use the two levers in the middle of the console to move it horizontally and vertically.

Everything in one place. The CMOTION multifunction control lever.

Within easy reach.

The CMOTION multifunction control lever from CLAAS is a unique concept which allows convenient and efficient operation of the main XERION functions. Eight individually assignable function buttons for a wide range of implement and machine control options are located on the CMOTION multifunction control lever.

Pure ergonomics.

The CMOTION multifunction control lever allows you to control complex processes with up to four control functions without moving your hand from its ergonomic position on the lever. The functions are operated with the thumb and first two fingers, reducing fatigue in your hand throughout the working day.

Everything under control. CEBIS.

Always well informed.

Information, control and monitoring are the tasks of the CEBIS electronic on-board information system. It is distinguished by the clear, logical organisation of its functions in the menu structure.

A quick look is all it takes: the CEBIS display gives you an overview of the current processes and status. A road screen and an operating screen provide a clear, organised summary of all relevant information. Warning messages are given acoustically as a buzz tone as well as visually in the form of icons and text.

Clear, simple, even faster operation.

In working mode, the basic tractor settings are entered via the CEBIS rotary switch. An additional HOTKEY rotary/push switch provides rapid access to control other functions. The position of the rotary switch is shown on the CEBIS display.

Perfect turning manoeuvres. CLAAS SEQUENCE MANAGEMENT.

CSM headland management takes the load off you whenever you need to manoeuvre at the headland. By pressing a button, you can run any of the previously recorded functions.

CSM offers:

  • Recording of up to four sequences per implement
  • Sequence activation on the CMOTION
  • Sequence display in CEBIS
  • Time- or distance-related recording
  • Sequences can be changed or optimised retrospectively

The following functions can be combined in any order:

  • Spool valves with time and flow control
  • Four-wheel drive, differential lock
  • Front and rear hydraulics
  • Rear PTO
  • Engine speed memory
  • Cruise control value

Easy to record and run.

Sequences can be recorded on a distance- or time-related basis. There is also an option of recording sequences when the machine is stationary. During recording, clear symbols allow the driver to follow the creation of the sequence step by step on CEBIS. A sequence that is running can be paused and restarted by simply pressing a button.