Investor Relations

Annual Report 2016

Fields of Innovation abound in agricultural equipment today. CLAAS is systematically working on them. Our strategy has been geared toward innovation ever since the company was founded, as innovation paves the way for progress and helps seize potential for future growth. Connectivity and Farming 4.0, driven by data and software, is increasingly in the spotlight. We also continue to work on enhancing agricultural machinery hardware, such as the new JAGUAR 900 series forage harvester.

Capital market

Funding decisions are a central part of our corporate strategy, as the basis for ongoing successful growth. As a family business which also looks to the capital markets, we are able to play a pioneering role. In the same way as a listed corporation, CLAAS uses the capital market to fund long-term projects. But as a family-owned business, we not forced to focus on quarterly earnings figures, but can rather base our decisions on value enhancement in the longer term.

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