LEXION 780-670

Finish Strong with LEXION!

With a combination of strength, efficiency and performance in any crop condition, there's only one combine made to be LEXION STRONG!

The QUANTIMETER measures and checks.

The function of the optional QUANTIMETER monitoring system is to measure the combine's performance and yield according to a specific crop type. The moisture content and yield of the crop is monitored continuously and displayed in CEBIS or on the INTEGRA™ display if equipped.

The LEXION exclusive volumetric measurement system accurately measures the material in the clean grain elevator. The LEM sensor measures the material on each of the individual elevator paddles. Using appropriate correction factors, including the lateral and transverse tilt of the machine along with engine load speed, the QUANTIMETER automatically determines the precise yield harvested.

With the QUANTIMETER, system calibration is done simply and easily in one grain tank load. No need to do several load calibrations in every crop. Since the LEM sensor reads the amount of material on the paddles once the initial calibration is done, the system accurately reads out the yield.

Hydraulic chain tensioning of the elevator chain is standard with all machines equipped with the QUANTIMETER system.

PROFI CAM – everything in view.

All LEXION models can be equipped with a PROFI CAM on the edge of the grain tank discharge auger tube. This camera position has been chosen precisely to allow up to three processes to be monitored simultaneously on a color display from the comfort of the cab:

  • Grain tank discharge auger tube deployed: transfer process
  • Grain tank discharge auger tube retracted: distribution of chopped material
  • Grain tank discharge auger tube retracted: rear of machine during reversing or on-road operation

Up to four cameras can be connected to the system and simultaneously feed their images to the color monitor in the cab.

LEXION Virtual Walkaround

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