XERION 5000-4000

Increased Acreage. Longer hours. Larger Equipment. Higher Yields. The demands of today’s modern farm are constantly expanding. Now it’s time to meet the tractor, that meets those demands, head on! Introducing XERION. The powerful new 4x4 from CLAAS.

At a Glance

XERION 5000-4000. Productivity meets Efficiency.

  • Continuously variable transmission over 500 hp
  • Efficient, high-performance drive train
  • Dual tires in sizes up to 710/75R42
  • Large range of options for optimum customer-specific use, including the rotating cab
  • Full output potential at low engine speeds
XERION 5000-4000
XERION 5000-4000
XERION 5000-4000

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Transmissions made to measure.

The low-cost ZF Eccom 5.0 transmission, weighing approximately 500 kg, is supplied with or without a PTO. The top reverse speed is also limited to 19 mph (30 km/h). The 5.0 is therefore perfect for farms which mainly use a XERION TRAC for heavy tillage. CLAAS therefore offers this transmission as an option for all TRAC models.

Key engine data at a glanceCylindersCubic capacityNominal engine speedRated output (ECE R 120)Max. output (ECE R 120)Max. torqueRated PTO hp
XERION 5000612.8 l1900 rpm517 hp/380 kW530 hp/390 kW at 1700 rpm1807 lbf-ft (2450 Nm) at 1300 rpm472 hp
XERION 4500612.8 l1900 rpm476 hp/350 kW490 hp/360 kW at 1700 rpm1696 lbf-ft (2300 Nm) at 1300 rpm433 hp
XERION 4000610.6 l1900 rpm422 hp/310 kW435 hp/320 kW at 1700 rpm1548 lbf-ft (2100 Nm) at 1300 rpm380 hp