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Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

February 2020

As Springtime creaps ever closer, it's time to brush up on the latest products, programs and company news surrounding your favorite Ag equipment producer. Make Harvest Times, your monthly online source for business, product and company updates effecting your farming operation. CLAAS is committed to delivering brighter solutions for your ag business. From maintenance tips to the latest product updates, we're here to keep you informed. If you aren't currenly getting monthly issues of Harvest Times delivered to your inbox, be sure to register today!

CLAAS Equipment:

Better Strength. Better Visibility. Zero Maintenance.

Introducing the new CL 500 loader for the AXION 800 Series tractor . . . At CLAAS, we know how much abuse the loader on your tractor has to take. You use it for everything from hauling manure to moving snow, and it needs to be able to withstand hitting a concrete abutment or rocks in the field. Strength and durability are the name of the game, and your loader has to be as tough as your tractor.

Ag Professionals:

DataConnect Unites Machinery Data for Simplified Viewing

Ag professionals will soon be able to access and integrate data from their entire fleet in one convenient platform. DataConnect is a cloud-to-cloud solution designed to give operations with different brands of machinery the ability to monitor their entire fleet in a single interface.

Facilities Update:

New CLAAS Academy Facility To Offer Expanded Training

Opening November 2020! There’s an expectation that comes with delivering top-tier machines to CLAAS growers…it’s that top-tier service follows. It’s equipping CLAAS dealers and technicians with first-class training programs to resolve customer issues in the field. And that’s exactly why CLAAS is diligently working toward completion of a new, state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot training academy to open in November 2020.

Service & Parts:

CLAAS Offers Baling Twine for Every Field Condition

Having the right machinery is crucial for creating quality bales. But so is the twine you choose. QUADOTEX, BALEBIND and XL baling twine provide options to help you meet every field condition. Whether you face high or low humidity, extremes in temperatures, or you require large or small bales with certain densities, CLAAS has the solution for you

Service & Parts:

Keep Replacement Parts “On Your Farm”

You and your CLAAS dealer know your machinery better than anyone. Which also means you know how to get ahead of any potential issues that could slow you down each season. That’s why CLAAS offers the On Your Farm Parts program.

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