Discover the combine designed for your farm.

For decades, CLAAS combines have set the standard for throughput and efficiency on farms across North America with the flagship LEXION models. Now the CLAAS lineup grows with the TRION combine. The TRION is specifically designed to fit the needs of your farm. Built on a proven chassis, it brings reliability and affordability together while being well equipped like other CLAAS products when it comes to performance. By design it gives your farm business a competitive edge in the right-sized package.


We roll up our sleeves every harvest season to support the success of CLAAS owners around the world. For the TRION 740 combine, that means over five years of field testing across three continents were invested to prove its reliability. It is a blend of new innovations and proven components used in over 25,000 previous CLAAS combines. The validation investment establishes the TRION with the reliability you have been asking for.

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The TRION combine is designed to save you time and money, giving your farm a competitive edge. A simple belt drive-line keeps power requirements low. Side slope compensation keeps grain loss to a minimum. Benefits like these put more dollars in your pocket and keep them there. Your neighbors may not notice this about your TRION combine, but you certainly will.

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The decades old crop flow pattern used in competitors prevalent combines holds your business victim to average harvesting results season after season. A TRION combine fits the needs of your farm today with capacity and precision for modern crop yields that press the constraints of your current machine. All of this is accomplished with unmatched grain handling of high value crops like soybeans.

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Quickly get the day started to harvest more using the centralized grease banks with extended greasing intervals. Strategic filter location reduces filter changes and minimizes the time spent idle each day.

Customer satisfaction.

When it’s time to run, your equipment and the support behind it needs to be ready to go. Our parts centers boast some of the best fill rates in the industry with a focus on dependability, resulting in a 90 percent customer satisfaction for us.

Extended wear part cost.

Today’s harvesting conditions and yields require a combine equipped to stand up to large quantities of abrasive grain. That’s why augers, elevator boots, wear plates, and other components are fitted from the factory with extended wear parts. More than half of the crop flow is designed with this unique material for the utmost durability season after season.


3D slope operating system.

Unique to CLAAS combines is the 3D slope compensation system, factory fitted to every TRION. Without any driver input, the upper sieve shakes grain away from the downhill slope. This maximizes capacity of the cleaning system when harvesting in rolling terrain to capture the most of your hard earned crop. All of this is accomplished without costly accessories or time intensive rearrangements.

Time + labor.

Not all crops require rearranging the threshing grates on the TRION. In conditions where a changeover is needed, one person can quickly switch grates and get back to harvesting. This is comparatively easier and less costly than similarly equipped competitors.


Power distribution throughout the machine is more efficient with direct belt drives than using multiple driveshafts and gearboxes like competitive machines. You save money on fuel by harvesting more with less. Powered by a Cummins L9 8.9 liter engine, the TRION is one of the most fuel conscious combines on the market.


More crop. Quicker harvest.

The TRION is well equipped like other CLAAS products when it comes to performance. Higher throughput than similarly sized competitors allows you to get more crop harvested per day and to finish harvest quicker.

Limited loss.

Very limited grain loss at high throughput keeps more grain in the combine than the competition. Independent threshing and separation systems allow you to fine tune performance for any harvest condition, retaining more of your hard-earned crop.

Grain quality.

When harvesting soybeans, the TRION doesn't compromise on grain quality. The gentle, cylinder threshing system and separation rotor does a excellent job of keeping the seed coat intact at typical harvest speeds.

2021 TRION Demonstrations

We were so excited about the new combine that we spent the entire 2021 harvest showcasing TRION combines to farmers in various fields around the Midwest. It’s likely we combined a field or two not too far from you. See for yourself a selection of results from our 2021 harvest demonstrations.

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AEM class size 7 7
APS HYBRID threshing system
Threshing drum width in (mm) 56 (1420) 56 (1420)
Threshing drum diameter in (mm) 24 (600) 24 (600)
Feed impeller diameter in (mm) 15 (382) 15 (382)
ROTO PLUS Rotors 1 1
Rotor length ft (m) 13.75 (4.2) 13.75 (4.2)
Rotor diameter in (mm) 22.5 (572) 22.5 (572)
Rotor grate area degrees 180 180
Rotor grates no. 6 6
Hydraulic rotor covers no. 4 4
JET STREAM cleaning system turbine fans no. 6 6
3D-cleaning system
Side slope compensation percent 20 20
Grain tank capacity bu (l) 341 (12,000) 341 (12,000)
Unloading rate bu/s (l/s) 3.8 (130) 3.8 (130)
Pivoting spout
Engine manufacturer / type Cummins L9 Cummins L9
Cylinders / displacement no. / l 6 / 8.9 6 / 8.9
Rated power hp (kW) 402 (300) 402 (300)
Max power hp (kW) 430 (320) 430 (320)
Top transport speed mph (km/h) 19 (30) 19 (30)
Front axle Wheels TERRA TRAC
Powered rear axle
Differential lock
Typical weight lbs (kg) 40,500 (18370) 47,000 (21320)
QUANTIMETER yield measurement
Moisture sensor
TELEMATICS (1 year license)
Remote Service (5 year license)
Open steering interface prepared
Ag Leader steering system
Ag Leader prepared
Trimble prepared

● Standard ○ Optional – Not available