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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

Media Center

The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

March 2021

In this latest issue, a Minnesota custom harvester says goodbye to his Green Eye, we take a closer look at the CONVIO FLEX draper head, and CLAAS focuses on the North American market. We also ask you your thoughts on farm shows and unveil great financing specials on combine and forage harvesters!

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CLAAS Products:

Minnesota Custom Harvester Trades Immaculate Green-Eye

Dan Barnett had an idyllic childhood, growing up on his family farm in Minnesota. His parents taught him life on the farm meant discipline, responsibility, and a solid work ethic. Even as a child, Barnett found excitement in farming and chopping silage. “In the fall, I was always asking ‘when are we going to start chopping corn silage?’” he says. “One of my favorite early memories was helping steer the tractor when pulling in silage boxes to the pit silo.”

CLAAS Products:

CONVIO FLEX: A Cut above the Rest.

The launch of the all-new LEXION 8000-7000 Series combine a year-and-a-half ago send a signal that CLAAS was fully committed to making the very best harvesting equipment in the world. The launch of the LEXION 6000 Series combine less than a year later, confirmed that we have not forgotten about the straw walker market either. But even before that, CLAAS quietly rolled out the CONVIO FLEX, the first true flex draper built specifically for the LEXION combine. If you “missed the memo” on the header release, here’s ten reasons why you should take a closer look:

Corporate News:

Fields of Gold

In case you were wondering, CLAAS has its eye on the North American market. In fact, the fifth largest Ag manufacturer in the world has targeted just four countries -- out of the more than 160 we sell to – for growth. Two of the four are the US and Canada. In the company’s most recent annual report, an article was written highlighting the market potential of North America and the importance that is being placed on the breadbasket of the world.

Ag Professionals:

The Future of Farm Shows: When Will You Return?

Remember the “old days” when you could actually walk around a farm show lot and literally kick the tires? The last time CLAAS had a chance to meet with more than a 1,000 growers at a full-on, actual, flesh-and-bone show was in February 2020 for the Commodity Classic in San Antonio. Then, one-by-one, out of an abundance of caution, the shows went “virtual.”

CLAAS Financing:

CLAAS Harvesting Equipment Rebates

Looking to add some harvesting efficiency to your fleet? CLAAS is offering excellent financing deals on new LEXION combines and JAGUAR forage harvesters now through the end of March. There are also still a few yellow (model year 2019 or earlier) LEXION combines in inventory with even sweeter deals. Ask your dealer about availability and offer details!