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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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CLAAS AXION 940 vs. John Deere 8370R

At CLAAS, we have great respect for our friends at John Deere. However, we’re still thrilled when our tractor comes out ahead in a competition. Recently, the CLAAS AXION 940 and the John Deere 8370R went head-to-head to compare fuel consumption, ground pressure, and tillage performance. Needless to say, the AXION excelled.

The Method of Comparison:

  • The two tractors were run on the same day in the same field at 90 to 95% capacity.
  • Passes through the field were skipped to maintain similar field circumstances and eliminate variability of soil conditions from one section of the field to the other.
  • To get up to full workload to show accuracy in productivity calculation, machines ran for a total of two hours to limit start/stop times.

Fuel Efficiency: Winner - AXION 940

The AXION 940 consumed 2.6 gallons per hour less than the John Deere 8370R.

The AXION 940 was able to transfer engine torque and power through the drivetrain to the ground better than the Deere. That fuel savings translates to money saved. By using 17.5% less fuel, you save about $5.20 per hour of operation. That adds up to $2,600 savings when you run the AXION 940 for 500 hours, or $15,600 in fuel savings over 3,000 hours!*

CMATIC Transmission: Key To Efficiency

The CMATIC 4-range transmission available in the AXION tractor delivers a higher percentage of mechanical power than competitive machines which utilize a greater percentage of hydaulic power. The transfer of mechanical power is more efficient, delivering greater engine torque and power to the ground for superior operating performance and fuel efficiency.

Ground Pressure: Winner - AXION 940

The AXION 940 produced 6% lower ground pressure than the competition.

As tested, the AXION ran on larger single tires, while the 8370R sported thinner row crop dual tires. Both machines had proper tire inflation as recommended by the manufacturer.

Tillage Performance: Winner - A Draw

Both tractors delivered similar overall tillage performance.

The John Deere 8370R covered a slim 0.03 more acres per hour than the AXION 940. The negligible difference could be attributed to inconsistencies in turning speed between passes.

Overall, the CLAAS AXION 940 proved to be a champion, covering nearly the same distance at the same speed with less weight, fewer tires on the ground, and consuming less fuel.

Ask your CLAAS dealer how the AXION 940 can save your operation fuel and money, while reducing ground pressure!

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