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Engine + Ground drive.


Engine + Ground drive.

Engine + Ground drive. Committed to performance.

At CLAAS, machine development means an ongoing effort to achieve even greater efficiency and reliability, as well as greater profitability in the field. This applies to all aspects of a LEXION com­bine. The drive system is of critical impor­tance – and includes much more than just a powerful engine. The combination of expe­rience gained in the more than 75 years of combine production and more than 20 years of LEXION development has resulted in the best ever CLAAS drive system that delivers the best working results.



The engine range from Mercedes Benz and Caterpillar (up to 15.6 l) delivers top performance for the LEXION combine while keeping operating costs down.


  • Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA, 15.6 l (LEXION 780)
  • Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA, 10.7 l (LEXION 730/670)
  • Caterpillar OM C13, 12.5 l (LEXION 760/750/740)
  • Emissions standard Stage IV (Tier 4)
  • Passive regeneration with exhaust gas
  • Optimized combustion process
  • Improved engine running characteristics
  • High torque
  • CEBIS fuel consumption indication (per h, bu, ac)
  • Optimal power transmission
LEXION model670TT/670
Engine manufacturerMercedes-Benz
Rated power (hp/kW)375/280
Power Bulge (hp/kW)402/300
Fuel tank capacity

Cooling system.


Automatic cooling intelligence.

All LEXION combines are equipped with the revolutionary DYNAMIC COOLING system, which is positioned horizontally behind the engine to pull air from above the combine where it is coolest and cleanest. Air is drawn through the radiator housing and engine compartment by the cooling fan, then exits out the vents in the side panel where it forces dust and light debris away from the combine – preventing it from being pulled in by the cooling fan.

  • 63 in (1,600 mm) diameter rotary screen
  • Dust suction fan actively keeps the rotary screen area free of dust and debris
  • Variable speed cooling fan adjusts according to engine load and temperature

Ground drive.


Full suspension.

The generation three TERRA TRAC offers the highest quality ride with the lowest ground pressure. Its exclusive fully-suspended in-line design ensures more efficient transfer of power to its 35 in wide belts for maximum traction and leading flotation. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders dampen the movement of the track frame as it takes on the shape of the terrain to ensure full belt contact for reduced compaction and leading comfort and stability.

  • Transport width of just under 14 ft
  • Ground pressure as low as 10.5 PSI
  • Improved traction and stability in all conditions
  • More efficient transfer of power to the ground
  • 35 in wide belts offer unmatched flotation and traction

4-link rear axle.

The industry’s first suspended rear combine axle, developed by CLAAS, sets a new standard for combine steering axles. Unlike conventional center-pivoting steering axles, the 4-link steering axle is suspended from two points that not only allow it to pivot, but also to shift sideways for improved terrain compensation and steering. A larger steering angle and center-mounted steering cylinder provide additional performance improvement.


POWER TRAC is a combine rear wheel assist sys­tem designed by CLAAS specifically for LEXION combines. It features a large hydrostatic motor connected to a differential mounted centrally to the front side of the rear axle. Power is transferred from the differential to planetary wheel drives by drive shafts running through the axle. POWER TRAC gives LEXION combines 33 percent more rear wheel tractive power over conventional hydraulic wheel motor systems. 

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