Header Attachments

Multiple crops. Multiple headers.

From corn to alfalfa -- and everything in between -- JAGUAR headers deliver superior performance in all kinds of crops.

Header Attachments

Multiple crops. Multiple headers.

From corn to alfalfa -- and everything in between -- JAGUAR headers deliver superior performance in all kinds of crops.

PICK UP 380 / 300. Get even more out of your JAGUAR.

Ever-increasing yields and more powerful forage harvesters make sense only if the crop can be taken up cleanly and the design is both robust and easy to operate. The new PICK UP 380 PRO and PICK UP 300 PRO with working widths of 12.5 ft (3.8 m) and 10 ft (3 m), respectively, meet these requirements with a wealth of new features.

  • Small-diameter rake with five rows of tines for perfect crop intake.
  • Large auger diameter designed to transfer the crop quickly, whatever the crop density.
  • Rugged drive line with easy-to-operate, two-speed gearbox.
  • Designed with extremely high acreages in mind, the wear parts are easy to replace.
  • Excellent ground-contour following is achieved with a swiveling frame and castor guide wheels, which are set without tools.
  • The headers can be easily attached to and removed from the JAGUAR by a quick-connect coupler and central locking lever on the left-hand side.
  • Replaceable wear plates (available through CLAAS Parts) for auger and trough.

Crop flow.

The powerful, controlled rake with four or five tine rows enables a clean crop take-up. Furthermore, the guide wheels (which can be adjusted without tools) are fitted at the same height as the rake.

The double roller crop press and the large auger diameter ensure an excellent crop flow. The optional spring-loaded intake auger increases throughput when handling large windrows.

The auger speed is matched to the set chop length by means of the 3-speed transmission or by substituting the sprockets. The variable front attachment drive allows the machine performance to be matched optimally to the field conditions.

Suspended frame for PICK UP 300 and 380.

The main frame supports the torsion-suspended rake and the floating intake auger. The suspended frame is attached to the main frame by means of a central pin, three arms and a spring to return the frame to the neutral position. This arrangement enables ideal freedom of movement for optimal ground-contour tracking and high-performance crop pick-up.

Front attachments
Front attachments


The proven CONTOUR system is available for clean crop pick-up. A new feature is active height control using potentiometers. The ACTIVE CONTOUR system enables fast operation while maintaining the rake at the correct distance from the ground.

The CLAAS CAM PILOT helps you harvest with fewer losses.

The new CLAAS CAM PILOT assumes the task of steering the new-generation JAGUAR when the pick-up is fitted, which means that working speeds of up to 9.3 mph (15 km/h) can be achieved without fatigue. What's more, the driver can focus more fully on filling up the trailer without crop losses. The CAM PILOT detects the windrows in three dimensions and automatically initiates the appropriate steering correction. The CAM PILOT is also activated in the usual way by hitting the AUTO PILOT button, and is deactivated again whenever the steering wheel is turned.

Front attachments

Optimal accessibility.

Excellent accessibility is one of the key characteristics of the PICK UP family. For example, during the reversing procedure after detection of a foreign body, the roller crop press is automatically raised hydraulically followed by the intake auger. This makes it easier to search for foreign bodies after the presence of metal or a stone has been detected, this arrangement allows wear parts to be replaced easily.