The CLAAS XERION tractor.

At CLAAS, fuel efficiency means more than just a single feature. It’s a combination of customized solutions working together in perfect harmony. The result? A machine that helps you squeeze the most profit out of every drop of fuel – the XERION.

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Better Fuel Economy

CLAAS also reconfigured the tractor’s fuel distribution setup in order to provide that higher torque at lower engine speeds. The result? A much more consistent and conservative trend in fuel consumption. And combined with the continuously variable CMATIC transmission (CVT), the XERION now offers more than 5% in fuel savings when comparing the models’ numbers.

Assisting in decreasing fuel consumption even more, CLAAS also included a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for cleaning, as to not solely rely on the diesel exhaust fluid or SCR system.

“With these modifications, we can actually let the engine breathe easier so it can do exactly what it was designed to do: create power,” said Fletcher.

More Horsepower & Torque

The new XERION 5000 comes standard with a six cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine, producing up to 487 maximum horsepower – nearly a 2% improvement over the previous version. Peak torque also increased by 7% on the machine (1,798 Ib,-ft.) while torque rise has been clocked at 33% and the maximum at 43.3%.

This is a significant jump from 35.2% in 2017.

Fuel-efficient ballasting

Tractors all too often carry too much weight. But over-ballasting does not boost tractive performance – it simply increases fuel consumption. With the XERION it’s easy to adjust the ballasting precisely to suit the task. The 400 kg ballast plates can be quickly changed and secured with quick-release fasteners.

Keeping it simple saves more.

When the PTO is running at 1,000 rpm, the XERION develops its output at a reduced engine speed of 1,730 rpm. Thanks to the simple drive train design, much of the rated output is transferred to the PTO stub. This enables you to reduce your fuel consumption even when the XERION makes the full PTO output available.

Drive with confidence – and more money in your pockets.

CLAAS steering systems take the pressure off the driver. They show in advance which direction to take, or automatically steer the tractor along the best possible path. Mistakes and overlapping are eliminated. Studies have shown that a modern parallel guidance system can save up to 7% on fuel, machine costs, fertilizer and crop protection products.