DISCO rear mowers.

Faultless reliability.

DISCO CONTOUR rear mowers are productive and reliable, no matter what the conditions are like.

DISCO rear mowers.

Faultless reliability.

DISCO CONTOUR rear mowers are productive and reliable, no matter what the conditions are like.

Rear mowers for the most discerning customers.

Whether you are farming 20, 200 or 2000 acres, you will always find the right DISCO rear mounted mower to get the best cuttings out of your fields.

Faultless reliability.


The CLAAS range of DISCO CONTOUR rear mowers provides suitable machines for all farms and agricultural businesses. This efficient all-rounder combines the outstanding performance of the MAX CUT mower bar with other DISCO benefits. Central hitching ensures perfect ground-contour following in all models. The 120° road transport position also makes the machine compact and safe on the road.

  • The benefits.
    • MAX CUT for superb chop quality
    • ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension
    • Available without conditioner or with tine or roller conditioner, as preferred
    • Adjustable lower linkage pins, double cones and KENNFIXX® hydraulic connectors for ultra-convenient hitching
    • Breakback protection
    • Clearly visible height display
    • Hydraulic locking device (optional)
    • Warning signs with lighting
    • Pivoting swathing discs (optional)
    • Parking trestle (optional)

  • Well protected.

    All DISCO rear mowers have mechanical breakback protection. The attachment is inclined at an angle of 15°, so that in the event of a collision with an object the mower is lifted up and back. Mowing can then continue after a brief reset operation.

  • Safe on the road.

    The 120° transport position and centre of gravity location close to the tractor provide outstanding stability, for safety and ease of handling on the road. There is also a mechanical lock system to hold the mower securely when in the transport position.

  • With conditioner.

    All CONTOUR rear mowers are available either without conditioner or with tine or roller conditioner, with up to 12'6" (3.4 m) working width.

  • Keeping the machine shed tidy.

    A practical support frame option is also available, with or without rollers, so that the machine can be parked away in the compact transport position when the job is finished. The support trestle on rollers is ideal wherever space is at a premium, allowing the mower to be moved easily without the aid of a tractor.

High area coverage with reduced power requirement.

Side-mounted rear mowers.

In the same way as the large-scale mowers, CLAAS side-mounted rear mowers also feature professional-level technology. MAX CUT is available as from a working width of 8'6" (2.6 m).

  • Compact transport position.

    The pivot point is located well inside, so the mower in road transport position is hardly any wider than the tractor. Having the center of gravity close to the tractor ensures excellent stability on the road, and the mower is automatically secured mechanically in the transport position.

  • Easily adjustable.

    Adjustable mounting bolts are used to set the tractor track width. This allows use of the full working width and setting of the optimum overlap when operating in combination with a front mower. Pins at different heights ensure easy and convenient hitching.

  • Mechanical breakback protection.

    Mechanical breakback protection, consisting of robust pawls and elastomers, effectively prevents damage to the mower bar. Once the overload device is activated, the operator simply has to lower the mower and briefly back up.

  • Save space.

    A practical, space-saving parking trestle option is also available in the 50 rear-mounted model range, allowing you to make best use of the space available on the farm.