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Remote Diagnostics

Connecting you to your dealer for remote service.

Remote Diagnostics

Connecting you to your dealer for remote service.

Remote Diagnostics

Error analysis without machine downtime. CLAAS TELEMATICS displays current machine error messages and alarm signals online. This remote diagnostics function can be run while the machine is operating. Targeted analysis of error messages allows conclusions to be drawn about possible operating errors or upcoming repairs. As a result downtime can be reduced significantly, and you save valuable time.

Fast machine tracking with remote location.

The map view and app can be used to pinpoint machines in the field. This does away with complex route descriptions and avoids delaying a repair unnecessarily. The service partner can find the machine's location easily and get GPS navigation directions directly to the machine lat/long location.

Save time with CDS REMOTE.

With TELEMATICS and CDS REMOTE, your CLAAS dealer can work with you more closely than you ever imagined – wherever you happen to be harvesting. The proven CLAAS Diagnostics System (CDS) can also be used with TELEMATICS to diagnose machine status remotely. If your partner has CDS REMOTE, it is now possible to make an accurate diagnosis online when previously it could only be carried out on the machine.

How you benefit:

  • Option of remote diagnostics via CDS REMOTE
  • Service staff can quickly pinpoint the machine in the field
  • Better planning of maintenance work
  • Reduce servicing costs.

TELEMATICS simplifies all the planning and logistics associated with servicing. As a result, TELEMATICS provides the basis for cost-effective service support and reduces costs for contractors and farms as well as CLAAS dealers.

Making CLAAS Service even better.

TELEMATICS can also transmit maintenance and repair data to your CLAAS dealer. When necessary, this enables your CLAAS service team to perform an initial diagnosis, identify the causes of faults more quickly, and prepare to provide the most effective assistance in the field as quickly as possible. Your CLAAS dealer is then able to determine the maintenance requirements of your machines. As a result, routine maintenance work, for example, can be planned in advance, taking account of your workload.

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