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Steer clear of articulated alternatives.

XERION 5000-4000 Series.

For all of your manure handling needs, trust in a tractor that's built to deliver a higher level of comfort and control.

Steer clear of articulated alternatives.

XERION 5000-4000 Series.

For all of your manure handling needs, trust in a tractor that's built to deliver a higher level of comfort and control.

The XERION tractor for manure handling applications.

Unlike typical articulated models, the rigid frame XERION tractor from CLAAS features multiple steering modes for tighter turns, better flotation, and rock-solid handling - even under the heaviest loads. Equipped with a CVT transmission, the XERION tractor offers an exceptionally fast 31 mph (50 km/h) road speed, saving you both time and fuel costs for the long hauls. Plus, XERION tractors feature intuitive, ergonomic controls in a whisper quiet cab.

Meet your manure handling demands head on, with a tractor built from the frame up with your needs in mind.

A quick look.

  1. CVT transmission makes for easy operation, more fuel savings and higher productivity
  2. Maximum road speed of 31 mph (50 km/h) makes it faster than any other 4WD tractor on the market
  3. Six special steering modes
  4. Fixed frame design and steerable axles for maneuverability and safety
  5. CMOTION multifunction lever gives fingertip control of all spreader gates, boom controls, ground speed and auto guidance engagement
  6. Full engine power to the ground, at any speed
  7. PTO speed at 1,730 engine rpm for increased fuel savings
  8. Easy weighting and ballasting system

Is faster always better? With the XERION tractor - yes.

With a road speed of 31 mph and an average of five miles to the field, using a CLAAS XERION tractor in your manure application business can earn you an additional $34,272 per year. More loads per day, more jobs per month, more dollars per year – the numbers speak for themselves.

In their words.

Garth Franklin | Dunvegan, ON, Canada

“We can finish jobs quicker, so there’s room to do more jobs. We’ve had to adjust the price because we realized right away the tanks are far more efficient. You’re not backing into the pump as often, you’re taking a bigger load to the field...the efficiency factor is really big.”

David Thiessen | Roseau River, MB, Canada

“We run three XERION tractors with our tanker units...The cab suspension, the seat and the handling eliminate a lot of stress and fatigue on the body. Our employees are very happy with the comfort of these units.”

Mike Rheault | Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB, Canada

“A key factor with the XERION tractor is its road speed. In between jobs and even in between piles, it is significantly faster than other tractors. We have been able to take on a couple of extra jobs per year because of the efficiency.”

Peter Gilbraith | St Claude, MB, Canada

“We’re burning about eight gallons of fuel per hour with the XERION tractor. With other tractors, using the same spreader, we burned about 20 gallons of fuel per hour. So that’s a huge, huge savings."

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